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Oral sex question for guys.


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Is it possible to go down on a guy and for him to orgasm but not actually "go" if you know what I mean..


You see, last night I sucked my boyfriend off for about 40 minutes, varying in speed and pattern etc. He reached a high note a couple of times, he was quite vocal (which he rarely is) and for the last 5 minutes of it his leg was shaking and he was sweating quite a bit. It was SO hot! But I was really looking forward to him coming, but I had to stop cause my cheeks hurt a lot, hehe! He was clutching my hair, and thrusting and I could tell that he really was enjoying it very much. Well done me... I think.


He said it felt like orgasaming for ages, and it was better than sex, he said I managed to make him have a really long orgasm but not actually come.


I'm confused because I thought a guy had to ejaculate if he orgasmed, and I would like to hear from the guys the truth as to if this is POSSIBLE?


Thanks people xxx

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This is some Far East theory, take it for what it's worth.



Generally, common orgasms are mere pulsations of the genitals which occur only in the genital region. (They are referred to as genital or outward orgasms.) For men, such orgasms are short in duration and cannot be repeated once the seminal fluid is gone. Although a woman's experience lasts longer, there is not much benefit to her body if her sexual energy is habitually left unattended only to drain out during menstruation. The loss of Ching Chi can affect anyone's health and sexuality as the depletion of life-force becomes apparent even in one's external appearance.

An internal orgasm, which leads to a total body orgasm, occurs throughout the entire body (as well as in the genitals). It can be extended in its duration and repeated for hours. By moving the pulsation of the orgasm up to the higher centers of the body, Ching Chi can be retained and the orgasmic sensation increased tenfold. (This also retains the seminal fluid in men.) If one knows how to maintain orgasms for long periods of time, the Universal and Earthly Forces can be activated and combined into a higher bliss, which is a powerful healing energy.

The only reason one should ejaculate or allow the loss of Ching Chi to occur is for the purpose of having children. Unfortunately, people carelessly lose their health in their quest for genital orgasms. Ejaculation causes a brief sensation in which sexual energy is passed out of the body and lost. Women who lose energy are also deprived of true sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Internal orgasms are a healthier and longer lasting approach to sex with no loss of stimulation to the genitals. The sensations actually travel through all of the organs, glands, and nerves, thrilling and revitalizing them with sexual energy.

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40 minutes of oral is a very loving, dedicated present to him.


Regardless of whether he ejaculated or not, he clearly enjoyed it, and thats all that matters.


I find that I can ejaculate sometimes without the true feeling of an orgasm.. and other times the feelings can be amazing, but with no ejaculation.

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Damn Girl, 40 minutes, you definitely have some dedication in you. Sometimes I hold it back, you know to make the orgasm really intense. However, if you hold back too much, you can get just the opposite effect. (there's a fine line.) Most girls would have given up long before you did. Damn, you must ended up with a case of {Mod Edit} Jaw for your efforts. lol.

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I'm not that bothered about it anymore, I was to begin with because it lasted so long and he never came... I never heard of this hapening before.. but thanks to everyone's replies it's apparently possible, so I can just continue doing this and give a nice clean BJ from now on ta everyone, I guess I'm just now inuldging in the praise I'm getting for giving a 40 min blow job...never quite realised how much that meant to a guy.. way hay. Thanks again! xxx

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Yeah something like this has kind of happened to me. A girlfriend going down on me and there were so many peaks a troughs that I had what I can only describe as a near miss orgasm. She brought me to the brink so many times so that I did not cum (as in squirt) but the orgasm sensation slipped through. Some of my friends never cum when getting head, but it does not mean they don't enjoy it. When your that turned on cuming is almost an anticlimax coz it means its all over, so I if his leg is shaking etc. I would not worry about it, good job. I assume you are from the USA, coz the only girl ever to go down on me for that long was from chicago. You would have to do an awful lot for an Irish girl to get her to do that! You guys in the states are lucky {Mod Edit} lol

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