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Having a Hard Time Dealing With Some Things


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My girlfriend and I are close to getting back together. Now I am having a hard time coming to terms with the news that she had oral sex with one guy and she possibly had sex with another one.


It just hurts me so bad. I feel like I wasn't good enough. (We had sex while we were broken up.) But I keep telling myself that we weren't together and she was a single girl free to do what she wanted to.


Anyone else experienced this as well?

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You're right, she was single and free to do what she wanted. So now, if you guys are getting back together and agree to be faithful and exclusive, you're just going to have to let it go. But you should decide if can let it go before you two get back together.


If I were in your position knowing that she's been sexual with someone other then you, I'd suggest that both parties get tested. Just to be sure.

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Not a good sign I've never seen a situation like this work out. Even if you get back together, she's expressed in clear terms that she has emotionally separated from you and will just end up dumping you again.


Once a girl miscommits even though by the "rules" she might have been single at the time, it's a death sentence for any possible future for you two guys.

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We dated for a year. We have been broken up for almost two and a half months. I found out that she received oral sex from a guy two weeks after we broke up. She hasn't been single for more than 6 months ever since she was probably 14 years old. She is very attractive and always has guys trying to ask her out, so its not hard for her to find love again.


We are ALMOST back together, but not quite. I have completely changed my attitude and have become much more organized with my life (things she wanted me to improve on).


Her dad has cancer, and he starts chemo tomorrow. Her dad's situation I believe is playing a large part in us getting back together. Her dad lives in Texas, she lives here in Alabama.


*Thank you all for your sympathy and understanding. This has been one of a few hard situations I have had to deal with in my life. But like the others, I am sure it will work out. Thanks again everyone*

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