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Thinking about another girl... is this normal?

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I'm already in a relationship but I've been recently having thoughts about this other girl I know... it's only frequent, and I'm not thinking about her all the time, and I'm not seriously thinking about dating her, but I do think about her from time to time. I very much love my girlfriend though and I don't want to break up with her. I was just wondering... is having thoughts about another girl normal and if so is it unhealthy for a relationship??


Oh and sorry if this is the wrong section, there's a lot of subforums in this forum and I'm not sure which goes where...


oh and first post!

EDIT: WOOPS, I posted this in the wrong section... could someone please move this to Relationship Commitments???

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yeah my boyfriend said to me "When i first met you i really really liked you, thats not to say that i wont really really like someone again. i might, but i LOVE you and will not cheat on you. I wouldnt be human if i find other women attractive and like them as people"


It pissed me off and i said it was unneccesary information to have told me!


he is allowed to look, but did i need to know?


ha ha


dont tell your girlfriend

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