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Can't SLEEP...Need HELP

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Hello again guys,


This is my second thread today and I'm sure I'm starting to sound redundant but I feel horrible because of my ex from June 2006. I'm trying to sleep because I have to wake up early tomorrow and I just can't sleep. I keep thinking about how my ex broke up with me online. And how he had everything planned. He got away so easily and I could do absolutely nothing because it was online. What could I do? And I still feel that I haven't had my chance to say how I feel. I didn't have my turn. The decision was made by one person.


This gets me thinking that it's quite interesting the way relationships are....when the relationship is starting, both people have a say and both people want it. You make an agreement. But when it ends, one person just cuts it off. Just like that. No mutual agreement no nothing. No chance for the other person to speak.


I'm still angry after all this time, yes...and it's because I gave so much during those 3 years and received nothing but grief in the form of cheating and nasty disrespectful remarks in return. Ultimately, yes, I'm happy that it's over because I am not as stressed but I'm quite upset that he got away with everything. I LOST without even having a chance to fight. (Fight meaning a chance to defend myself...a chance to speak). Also, it's hard to just "let things go" when you have an investigative nature. You want to know why. You want the answers to everything.


I've lost interest in the important things in life. I'm like a slug. A slug with no purpose. I have been getting better, but these relapses will most likely be the end of me.

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i dont support decisions like that being made online in any way, but i do feel that when typing or writing, you can convey messages MUCH clearer than in person somtimes.


I'm assuming he wont allow you to talk to him in person (that's what it sounds like)

try writing an e-mail yourself. make sure it conveys how you feel.


sorry for your break-up. but just know that anyone who does that online was too scared to say anything meaningful like that to you in person. which would have presented a problem later in life anyways.

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