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I Have A Giant Dilemma

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Alright, here's how it goes. My best friend just broke up with a good friend of mine about three weeks ago. The problem seems to be that he doesn't want to be friends with her anymore; she even said that she called him and he said he never wanted to see her anymore. I'm trying hard not to take sides since all three of us have known each other since high school (in my friend's case, seemingly forever). What do I do? Please, any suggestions would help.

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Hi Phoenix,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing with us.


Unfortunately, there may not be much you can do regarding the relationship between them. He has decided that he does not want to see her at all, and that is probably the way that will work. At least for the time being anyway until he gets some closure on the situation.


Regarding your position as both of your friends, you do not have to loose either of them - however you will probably have to see them at different times. Taking sides is not how I would describe it though - once you are sure to adopt a policy of not taking sides, both of them should be mature enough for you to be able to have contact with both of them regardless of tehir feelings for each other.


Hope this helps you some,



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