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verbally abusive, manipulating, and demanding 11 year old sister how to cope?


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I am at my wits end here...



I currently live at home with my parents until I can get my act together, but in the meantime I am having an extremely rough time dealing with my 11 year old sister. She is nasty and mean. She calls me names, makes comments on everything I do. For example I have an xbox 360 in my room, she'll start screaming at the ganes out of frustration, I'll ask her very nice if she can please stop screaming. She scream no and tell me to shutup. I'll respond this by asking her to leave if she can't comply with my rules, she'll still refuse and talk back to me. I'll respond to this by disconnecting xbox on the router, at this point she becomes destructive, disconnecting all the componets on my computer and throwing my stuff all about the room.



She also makes rude comments on my table manners, I also have real mild autism and when i engage in self stimulatory she'll make rude comments about that.


I try to ignore her and not take it personally, but it eats at you after a while. She makes me so angry sometimes I have thoughts of causing serious injury to her, but I can't because I'll get arrested for child abuse and that could be detrimental to my future. I don't know what to do, like I said I am at my wits end.


I want to move out so bad, but finding a good paying job is so hard around here, It;s so compettitive, and having autism makes it twice as hard. I dunno if any of you have seen my other post on suicide but I am counting down the days till my birthday when I will suicide unless things get better for me.

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that might solve some issues, but she can also sneak in if I were to forget to lock the door. The main issue is the abuse and outright disrespect I get from her. I realize she is just a child, but it's hard hearing day in and day out 'you're a retard" "you're a and being belittled for every little thing I do...



edit: I hope people on this board take me seriousily, I am ready to have a nervous breakdown because of her!

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they don't take it seriousily enough, and/or their not sure what to do either. My dad tried to discpline her the other night, but she kept talking back to him, and she still kept up her crap. When she started up earlier today I even asked my mom "Don't you just want to hurt her" she said yes but like me she is afraid she is REALLY going to hurt her, if you get my drift.

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She needs to experiance some tough discipline. Your parents have to get this under control before she is totally out of control.


I do not mean anyone should hit her. But with that attitude, if it were my kid she would get nothing but food and clothes and chores. make her feel like cinderella for a few days.


She would have rewards for good behavior and a chance to earn things back. Have you ever watched super nanny? It sounds like she is that out of control with her mouth. There are probably a number of books on this subject.


None of this is really your problem though. I am concerned that it appears your privacy and person are being violated constantly by her. put a lock on your door. Dont let her touch your stuff period. Tell her no.

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Your parents are to blame, not you. If this girl is 11 and has her parents this afraid of her, then life is going to be UGGGGGGLLLLLY when she enters junior high.


Ever see "mean girls" -- the part where the mean girl lives in the master bedroom of the house because "she got her parents to switch".


Think of this as motivation to get your act together sooner and get out of the house.

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