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The good and the bad about you

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I saw this posted on another messageboard, but make a list of the good and bad things about you. (you can make a short or a long list, it's up to you).




1. I'm a nice person

2. I'm caring

3. I have a big heart

4. I'm passionate about my writing and my music

5. I like my tatttoos

6. I'm friendly and easy to get along with.




1. I get jealousy easily

2. I have low esteem

3. I get hurt easily

4. I have clinical depression

5. I tend to fall for emotionally unstable women

6. I'm kind of shy


Not a lot of these I can change, but others I can.


So, what are the good points and your flaws?

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1. I'm kind

2. I'm compassionate

3. I'm loving

4. I'm loyal

5. I'm dependable

6. I'm trustworthy

7. I'm a good listener





1. I have really really low self-esteem

2. I'm not that attractive

3. I can whine and complain a lot

4. I procrastinate all the time (like right now...)

5. I gossip too much

6. I can be lazy

7. If I don't think I'll be good at something, I don't even give it a shot

8. I have a lot of fears (phobias) and am way too attached to them

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This looks like fun... Let's see... (I'll do six also.)


The Good:


1. I'm romantic

2. I'm affectionate

3. I care a lot about others (Very big humanitarian) - like what you said, about a 'big heart'

4. I'm intelligent

5. I'm funny

6. I try to bring out the best in others


(I'm good looking too, but there was no more room. lol)


The Bad (uh-oh):


1. Tend to become depressed easily

2. Get discouraged easily

3. Can be quite shy with attractive members of the opposite sex

4. Am prone to envy others in romantic relationships

5. I have been too passive and unresponsive with pursuing girls I like

6. I sometimes let my fears and doubts influence my decisions

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hmmmmmmmmm, okies....



-I try to not judge people

-I am smart

-I will fight tooth and nail for what I believe in

-I support people when they need it, even if I might not agree with them

-I will give people second chances

-I will protect those I care about

-I am goofy

-I will admit faults

-I am always trying to be a better person



-I am jelous

-I get paranoid and overthink things

-I am over-sensitive

-I procrastinate

-I am too scared of failure (sobotage/run from things)

-I am lazy

-I need constant reassurance

-I can be suspicious/untrusting

-I am greedy (not just with material things, but with affection)

-I am scared of people

-I can play games (I try SO hard not to do this)

-I have a temper

-I can be very very weak

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1. I know how to have a good time

2. I'm loyal to my real friends

3. I'm environmentally conscious

4. I'm more interested in doing what I love than getting rich

5. I'm relatively laid back

6. I do well in school



1. I'm prone to overstimulation of the senses, resulting in anger

2. I can be a little lazy

3. I'm pretty shy, but not painfully so

4. I'm not happy unless I'm surrounded by physical beauty

5. I have an intense hatred for cold weather

6. I'm a thinker, not a doer

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more from me.




I'm a romantic, sensitive person

I try to to do my best at what I do

I make people feel good by complimenting them

I'm a good communicator and listener




I'm scared to leave my comfort zone

I get angry easily

I fear rejection

I compliment people a lot

I'm afraid of change

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1. Loyal

2. Honest

3. Loving

4. Devoted

5. Passionate

6. independent

7. Strong in body and mind



1. I fall hard and quick in love

2. I give 100% of myself into a relationship - too much it seems

3. Jealousy

4. The bad side of passion - anger, and scorpio anger at that!

5. I can be shy sometimes

6. I am scared that my dream of marriage and kids will not come true

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Love to do new things

Content with the way I look



Own biggest critic

Worry over silly things especially within a relationship

Hot temper when pushed

Can shut people out


Thanks i liked this idea it gave me a chance to think and realise that like every1 else i have issues but on the whole i am doing just fine

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