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More like your mother or father?


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I'd be surprised if there was a general rule here, it would come down to so many things. I would think much has to do with nature but perhaps most has to do with nurture. Time spent with the parent, their role in raising you and how much you liked them and identified with them.


I am more like my father but I think it's also because I like him more. I have been at pains to not be like my mother, and she and I don't share much in the way of perspective anyway. Actually I am like both of them to some degree, in certain ways, but also nothing like them. Hard to unpick.

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I only saw my dad mabey once a year from as early as I can remember. Its not until the last few years or so that Ive really gotten to know him. Its been so intersting to find different traits we share. Ive always been the black sheep in my family and come to find out, he was too. I feel like Ive come to peace w/ who I am now that I know more about him.

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I care about both of my parents, obviously. But...


I'd like to think I'm a lot like my dad. I respect him a lot. He's intelligent, can even make ME laugh (and I don't laugh at anything), he's responsible and level-headed. He doesn't take crap from people either; I really admire that. I used to be such a push-over as a child, but now as an adult, I grew a backbone and now emulate him in many respects.


He's extremely tempermental, though. And so am I. Good or bad, that's how it is. He also acts far younger than his age... I hope I'm like that when I'm 60! lol It may sound strange, but he's a very 'cool' person. I like that.


Side note: Genetics stipulate that our base personality as adults is about 50% due to heredity.

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I am apparently an uncanny physical version of my father - he passed when I was 16, and I had not seen him since I was small. When I met the rest of my (his) family, they stared in amazement... I have his hand writing, and my personality is quite like his apparently... kind of crazy!

I have some of my Mum's mannerisms, but that's it - my sisters are more like my Mum!

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I know for my (male) friend and his brother both take after their parents. His brother is completely like his mother and my friend is completely like his father. Sometimes its neat to see how people take after their parents, if they do.


I'm fairly certain I take after my Dad way more than my mother. I notice this and I get told it by other people often, mostly by my mother! In fact I don't think anyone has ever compared me personality-wise to me my Mother. Woo hoo!

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Well, I am adopted so I can't say I look like either.



I am, personality-wise, the spitting image of my mother. We talk the same, act the same, enjoy the same things. I finally realized the reason we fight so much is because we're too much alike. You'd think we were biologically mother and daughter. Everyone is always shocked when they find out I was adopted.

It almost scares me, being this similar to my mother. I see myself picking up on her neurotic tendencies, which I always told myself I would NEVER do. For example, when I would do something wrong, or to her disapproval, she wouldn't drop it. She'd make catty little remarks for weeks. We'd fight about it daily. It could be the smallest error on my part, and yet, she just wouldn't DROP IT!

Now, I find myself doing the same... scary. I'm trying to ween myself off of that habit.


A little more to add to this. I have NOTHING in common whatsoever with my father. We don't do ANYTHING the same. It's not even like I haven't spent much time around him. Growing up, he was ALWAYS there, you know? Family vacations, family dinners every night, evening board games, watching tv, whatever. And yet, I don't take after him in ANY ways.... I think it's kind of weird. I guess I'm kind of quiet and reserved like he is, but nothing else.

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