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Am I foling in love with my freind


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I guess I will start from the beginning. Pleas excuse my long explanation, I think that it is all needed to fully under stand my inquiry


I moved to a new school my freshmen year, and had no ideal about who was who or what was what. I got along pretty well with every one, even acquired some new friends. Then it became my sophomore year. Around the half way point of the year I decided I did not like my friends anymore; or should I say I found out that they were using me for my academic knowledge, sway over teachers, and chartable funds. Would not listen to me are even say hi in the halls. thereforeeeee, I left them.

Then I became a loner. Well anyway, one day I was in the computer lab just playing minesweeper by my lonesome, and this person next to me asked me asked me “What game is that? I have never seen anyone play that.” I told her what the game was and how it was played. I knew her name and that was about it. Well Jessie and I just chatted for the rest of the study hall just about nothing. The next day sick of being with out friends, I decided to join a group or two. I pick SADD and the yearbook committee. Well I soon became friends with the leader of SADD and seeing my predicament he told me, how some of the members of SADD would hang out in his office during lunch, so he invited me down there. Well I walked in to his office and guess who I see, Jan. Well I greeted everyone and had a good time. Well anyway, Jessie and I slowly became new friends, just chatting hear and there. Well about 6 day after I joined SADD I noticed that Jessie started warring makeup and calling me by my name. See most of the people in school call me by nicknames, like big fella, hay you, LTD, etc I dismissed the makeup think that I did not know if she wore it or not all the time. Well the school year was drawing to a close and I though I would be in for another lonely summer, seeing I live 20 miles away from school and my neighbors are all adults. Well 17 days until the end of school, I was in the computer lab with Jessie and I was checking my e-mail, when she noticed and then gave me hears and asked for mine. thereforeeeee, I gave it to her. Well the end of school came and went and we still talked over the internet. Our relationship grew over the summer vacation.

Well them it became this year, I am now an 11th grader. The first day of school, I was standing in the hall looking for her, but she found me first. We talked about our summer until it was class time and we parted for separate classes. Well the SADD officer had to teach a class during our lunch, so all of us would hang in the halls. Well anyway the time came were I would part and eat lunch with a small group of friends but this year the all would go down town for lunch and I liked school food to much to go with them. Well there I was sitting there all alone again, and Jessie walks in and asks to sit with me, I said “The set is yours” and she sat down and we ate and talked about nothing important. Well every day after that I would say that I was going to lunch as and Jessie would say wait for me and would follow me to lunch. It would be just the two of us no one else. So yesterday, I decided to sneak away wile she was in a conversation just to see if you would notice. Well I got to the back of the line and there she was right behind me.

I have notice how our conversation have gotten more personal. See told me about her troubled past and how much of a control freak her father was always making her do pregnancy test and all. When she said that I though wow this friendship is really strong and personal. I told her things about my life also, and she listened intently. I live a boring life to the majority people. That surprised me; no one has ever acutely enjoyed listening about my life before.

Well that is the story, her are the questions.

I think that I am falling in love with her, but do not know if I should just ask her or wait and see if she loves me to. I was just wandering if I am right in thinking that she likes me or is she just being good friends. How could I ask her with out jeopardizing our friendship? Can you have a relation ship and not see each other everyday and when you do, it is not for long? See the only time I see her is in school. I do not know what to think of it all. Any other advice you can give me would be appreciated. I have never had a Girlfriend before and have no ideal how it all goes.

If you need any other information, or question, you can email me at email removed.

Sorry for the long post, but I think it is all needed for you to completely comprehend my situation.


Thank you,

Justin M. Thornton

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From what you have wrote it seems to me that she likes you, but, why not try to take things slow and ask her to go see a movie or get a pizza or something like that, see if she wants to hang out with you other then just seeing you in school. If she does, go and have a good time, the more that you get to know her, the more you will know and start to understand how she may be feeling about you, She may even tell you. I hope that it all works out for you. Good Luck!!!

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Thanks Rosebud60

I read you reply yesterday and was going to put some of it in action. I was going to invight her to a Pep rally/dance party thing tonight (Not much happens in the town other than school events) but befor the beginning of school today my tooth begain to really hert. It was so bad that i had to miss school. well anyway, when i got on the internet tonight she istanly asked me how I was and if i was ok; she also told me how much she was worred and how she missed me today. I told her how I missted her and was worred that she would worry her self sick. Whe had a good chat. well though you should know.

I think that she likes me too and i think i will take you advice and take it slow. and every day we lern somthing about eachother every day.

hope i have better luck next time

thanks for all of the advice

Justin Thornton

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