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What to do....I think I screwed up with my feelings for her

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Well, I went to a party last night with a very good friend. She considers us to best friends. Well, she brought along her boyfriend and was kissing him, etc. Well, it was hard for me becasue I realize I still love her and have feelings, but I need to let go of them if I want to keep her in my life. We talked and she finally told me after about 10 months later that the reason we didnt work out is becasue when she told me she was falling in love with me, I didnt react the way she wanted me to, that I didnt show I cared. So I told her that I loved her and still care for her very much. She said she didnt know that. She was feeling depressed and started to cry. So I tried to help her through it. She didnt like the fact that her new boyfriend doesnt get jealous over her, a sign he might not care and she has to go home in 3 months. She says she loves him, but I think its way too early for her to say that. She said that I didnt like him and why? I told her its not that, its hard to see them together when I have never let go of my feelings. Well after last night, I realize that I have to let them go and move on. I tried to meet other woman, but I dont have any luck, like she does with men, she is very beautiful and her big breasts attract other men (yes, I said it) beside being a little overweight. I love her for her personality and beauty, she is so beutiful (eyes!!).


So anyways, I said I dont want to loose her and we can be best of friends, I just have to be a friend and through away my feelings. Yes, I know its hard, but I have always enjoyed being there for her and talking.


I feel I am partly at fault for screwing things up last night. I was cold to her new boyfriend, I guess I was acting like a jerk. We had fun dancing together, etc before we talked.


So, what should I do? I want to send over some flowers to say that I dont want to loose her as a FRIEND, yes a friend. I know, Im always the one that feels guilty when it wasnt all my fault. I hate hurting people and felt that I kind of hurt her last night and hurt her 10 months ago. I never meant to hurt her, that is not me at all.


So, I want to send over some flowers in two days, just as a way of saying, Are we still good friends?


Any comments?

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I think flowers would be a mistake.


I think she's playing games which is preventing you from moving on and it's causing you to feel some bad emotions which has lead you to this posting.


I don't honestly think you are 'best friends' if you still have feelings for her and feel this way so sticking around will never allow you to move on. She knows how you feel now so if she wants you back, she knows where you are.


Take some time away from her, decide whats best for you.

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I think its non-sense, she did go into a relationship with that other guy but she left you astray. If she wanted you she would have made a move towards you, and if she didn't then well its too late now right. She is in a relationship, which indicates that you have to back off, you need to step out of this , it will just result in a bitter drink for you. She might be beautifull and all, but she doesn't have a clue about what she wants in life.

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