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I've just had my closure

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my gf broke up with me 11mths ago, she told me she like to stay friends but I just took that with a pinch of salt! She told me the reason she didn't want to be together was because her emotions had swicthed off cos we had been arguing quite a bit towards the end of our relanstionship. I feel and know she is seeing someone else maybe her sisters boyfriends brother who had the hots for her while we were together and he told her he liked her before we got together and he thinks his some rock star playing in a band that plays in silly little bars and the only fans they have are his friends and at the age of 28yrs old he still dosen't realise that he should really start looking for another career because the music they play is !


Anyway I was laying awake last night just couldn't sleep just thinking about my ex constantly thinking up things in my own head with her sleeping with this guy all the usual crazy , then I thought enough is enough I'm going to put an end to this feeling of being angry so I got the present she got me for xmas a nice exspensive watch and I smashed it to bits, then I got the homemade card she made me for my birthday rip that into pieces cos its words that don't mean anything no more and grab all our pictures and rip them up to and just threw them in the bin! after doing this I felt really at ease I felt good, I felt alive!


I than realised that it is really and truly OVER there NO WAY she is COMING back, I just don't want to live my life HOPING! For anyone out there living in HOPE feeling ANGRY and LET down by your EX it's really time to let go, there not going to COME BACK! My closure was smashing the watch she got me to bits and ripping up photo's and cards because I just don't want to be living my life in the past NO MORE!!!! She has MOVED on so that's what I'm going to do is MOVE on!!! I know it may seem chidish smashing up her present and ripping up photo's etc but I just had so much anger and questions to why she just left I was living everyday with wanting an answer laying awake at night hoping she would email or call but I just had to WAKE up and SMELL the coffee and doing this did cos I didn't feel guilty or sad cos I threw away my memorys of her in the bin! Anyone ex GF who has gone into NC from the start of the breakup who hasn't spoken to you at all, that is a sure sign that it is TRULY over so for your own sanity and health its time for you to realise its OVER!!! for me now I know that my EX will never be coming back and for once I don't feel SAD I just feel sorry that it just ENDED!!!

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Thanks guys for all your support here, I just don't know why this relantionship of 11mths has been harder to get over my previous 5yrs relantionship that's most probalay because my last gf cheated on me, where this ex gf left because her love for me had gone! Tomorrow will be the start of my new life guys, I'm joining the gym looking for a new job going back to work after 30days yes 30days I was sitting at home feeling sorry for myself feeling self pity and looking inside myself to see what I need to change! I know wht I need to change and that is NOT THINK ABOUT THE EX!!!!!!!!!!!! and try and stay off her myspace page which seems to be pretty hard to do! thanks everybody here these last 7weeks of my life have been so hard somedays I really didn't want to wake up but knowing I could go online and see millions millions of people are going through the same thing as me helped me cos than I didn't feel alone

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Good for you Man'!!! You sound like you are taking the necessary steps to move on...


You are very wise, ... getting stuck waiting, hoping for the ex to come back is a joke. It accomplishes nothing but prolonging the agony.


Good Job on "Destoying" The Watch, Pictures & Letters... I support that kind of Behavior!





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thanks guys for your replys, I would like to say to anyone who is finding it hard to move on the best thing is to DESTROY all evidence of there ex!!!! I know its harsh but believe me it helps the healing process especially when you are feeling angry and let down! Just imagine your ex standing in front of you when destroying your gifts, pictures, letter and is highly liberating!!!! NC NC NC NC NC is the way to go and that means not looking back at those types of memories cos your EX is out having fun, do you think she looks at all the gifts, pictures and letters you got them NO WAY!!!! that is the pass now and its time to MOVE ON!!!!! It's been 40 long days since I last saw my ex and it took me 40 long days to come to realise that she wasn't coming back! HOPE is a horrible thing to hold on especially when it comes to break up with the EX! HOPE should be used in order to make YOURSELF better like "I HOPE I FEEL BETTER TOMORROW" and "I HOPE I DON'T THINK ABOUT THE EX FOR HRS ON END" and "I HOPE MY DATE TOMORROW WILL BE NICE" thats when HOPE should be used!!! NC NC NC NC NC NC NC is the WAY and that means looking through old pictures, letter, cards, going onto myspace because thats still contact in my eyes! I hope anyone who's out there going through a break up will take this advice on board because it really truly works! I HOPE YOU all the VERY best in HEALING and always REMEMBER TO LOVE YOURSELF and your FAMILY and FRIENDS!!!! GIRLFRIENDS and BOYFRIENDS come and go, but your FAMILY and FRIENDS will always LOVE you for who you ARE!!! and REMEMBER if your EX wants to stay friends with you, the best thing you can say to them is "I CAN PICK AND CHOOSE MY FRIENDS AND I DON'T WANT YOU AS A FRIEND COS YOU ARE NASTY"!!!!!!!! LOVE PEACE AND HAPPINESS TO YOU ALL!!!!!

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I just don't know why this relantionship of 11mths has been harder to get over my previous 5yrs relantionship



Feels good to hear this...its been 6 months now and I'm still struggling to get over a 6 month relationship. Have had much longer relationships that I was okay with within a couple of months...


Don't feel normal.

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I know how you must feel, maybe we both put all our LOVE and HEART into our EX and they didn't really feel the same! Maybe we were just a stop GAP between relantionship, I know my EX has moved onto someone else, but you know what I don't CARE no more! I'm starting to really HATE her day by day, the more I think back to our relantionship the more it angers me I'm also having dreams where I'm spitting chewing gum in her long blonde hair and smashing up her brand new car, It feels good, just wish it wasn't in my dream! It's been 50 days since my breakup and day by day I hate her MORE and MORE, where in my last 5yrs relantionship I still had love for my EX years later so what I'm trying to say amy99roo is hopefully you will start to feel the way I do soon, I know that from 6mths from now I wont be thinking of her and I can't wait for!!!! I truly hope WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES BACK AROUND on her, so someday someone will USE her and break her cold selfish heart!!!!

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