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I hate My boyfriends Uncle, I'm about to hurt him!!

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Although I do love my boyfriend and every single one of his other family members there is one person in particular that I'd like to as they say "meet outside" and beat his butt like he stole something.


His uncle is Black and that is great..no problem there because I'm half black...but his uncle is a "White Corporate Man stuck in a Black man's body" (I am not racist so please no one take offense to this...cause its the truth. He talks like he is "a walking dictionary" he eats like he has a stick shoved so far up his butt he can taste the wood. He is anal retentive about everything and thinks that a woman should be submissive to a man. Being latin and black...I can tell you ..this aint gonna ever happen with me, I got hot sauce and sugar to offer. And i'm no mans door mat. His uncle went to Mexico just so he could get a submissive woman.


He has a nice house and he has his PH.D and because of that he treats everyone like he is better then them. Especially me. And since I have not graduated college he tends to whisper in his nephews ears that I am not good enough for him. Because I'm not the "rich girl next door" No I am poor, grew up poor, and I'm trying to better myself here. I have not done anything directly or indirectly to this man for him to cut the fool like this. I have already told my boyfriend about it, and know that whenever he gets mad at me, he runs to his evil dwarf of an uncle and spills the beans about our problems. This pisses me off to no end because I dont' think its fair that he helped his uncle not like me by only bringing out the bad in me. What should I do.


I have tried to be nice to this man..but he thinks he is better then anyone and especially has this disdain for woman. For anyone who is not familiar with what "DISDAIN" means look at the asteroid at the bottom!

Anyhow, I can't stand this man. He makes me very uncomfortable.


*Disdain: [n] a communication that indicates lack of respect by patronizing the recipient

[lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike]

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your bf's uncle is a jerk. nothing will change that. you need to tell your bf that you feel his uncle doesn't like you because of all the things your bf tells your uncle when you 2 have problems. your bf should understand. if your bf really loves you, he won't care that your uncle doesn't think you are good enough. to a person in love, no one is better for them. maybe you should have your bf tell his uncle not talk about you & to stay out of your relationship. thats the best advice i can give.

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