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There is a girl that I've known for a really long time.

She's kind of like a sibling.


She's a liar, back-stabber, and many other not so great things.

I should point out that sometimes she has a decent side as well.


Anywho, I'm kind of not sure what to do.

I'm going to have a wedding, and I don't really want her in it.


I only want my bridesmaids to consist of true friends who really love and care for me.

She doesn't fall into this catergory.


But I think that her parents, her, and maybe a few other people will expect her to be apart of the wedding party because we've known each other for so long.


Is it wrong for me to exclude her from the wedding party?

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It's your wedding. If you don't want her as a bridesmaid, don't. If they can't deal with that, that's their problem.


Backstabber? Liar? ICK - two of the qualities I will not tolerate in a person. If you lose her as a friend because of this....not much of a loss.


My former "best" "friend" totally backstabbed me. Needless to say, I have nothing to do with her.

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You're so funny! I can see why you wouldn't want to be her friend anymore.


I guess I just don't want to feel guilty for excluding her.

I even think my dad would be upset with me if she weren't in the wedding.

He thinks she's a good friend to me because she's there for me at different times, which is true.


Like if I need to move, and my dad asks her to help me move (and pays her by the way) then she'll do it.


It's hard to decide. She can be a bad person, but it's no surprise because I know exactly how she is.


It would be an obvious insult if I didn't have her in my wedding.


Then none of my friends like her because of the way she is and acts towards me.


I don't want her in my wedding, but I don't want to hurt her feelings either. We always talked of having each other in our weddings, but that was sooo long ago.


She's not a true friend at all. She's more like a relative. I don't want her in my wedding but am I obligated to some degree ??? We were cristened (sp?) together when we were babies.

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you don't owe her anything. this is YOUR wedding, right?


if she were to not include you in hers, would you be okay with that? that would be her decision.


i dont think there is any obligation. life's too short to keep giving to people who dont deserve it.


if someone has been a bad person to others, well, they just need to suck it up when the consequences come back and smack them in the butt. and if they can't do that, then maybe they shouldn't be bad to others. she reaps what she sows.


i mean, my ex best "friend"....how many hours/nights did i spend on the phone listening to her cry about her numerous bfs? wasn't i the one who spent my time editing her college paper so she would get into a good college? didn't i give her expensive presents on her birthday? wasn't i always there for her at any hours of the day? didn't i always support her and have her back? AND THEN SHE TOTALLY BACKSTABS ME. so....she reaps what she sows which is, i wont have her in my life. absolutely not. with "friends" like that, who needs enemies?

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Its your wedding and you get to chose who goes and who doesnt, who cares what others think, your wedding day is spose to be one for your best days ever dont let this chick ruin it by letting her go to it

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This girl is bullying you.


Of course she is there for you, she wants to get the gossip so she can use it against you behind your back. She feels no guilt about deliberately hurting YOU does she?


If I were you, I would cut her out of my life completely long before the wedding as she will probably hurt your feelings and back stabbing you by telling everyone how awful you look, how cheap your dress is, etc etc. An unwelcome guest to say the least.


I would also tell your dad the truth about what she is like towards you and how you feel about her. Toughen up gravelove, there is no room in your's or anyone else's life for a back-stabbing lying bully.


You've been through enough.

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Thanks So much Guys!!!



You're right, I don't owe her. I wonder why I feel like I do. Just because I've known her so long I guess. But that really shouldn't matter.

She's not a nice person.



You're so funny! You always make me laugh. Ya you're right, everyone say don't have her in my wedding so I won't.




I do really have to work on not caring about what others think. That's one of my weaknesses, worrying about being wrong or hurting someone's feelings. I need to care more about my own feelings.


Bethany!!! I really think you know this girl!!! LOL! Inside and out! She definitely loves to gossip and you're right. She doesn't think twice about deliberately hurting me, or anyone else for that matter. Thanks for "hitting it home."

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