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I think it's sweet! Though I would be wary as others have stated.

Have you spoken to this girl? I mean, I would be very cautious about someone I didn't know, or very casually knew appearing at my window singing.


But if it was someone I was beginning to date, or had been dating for a while, it is very, very sweet.

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It's an awesome idea, but in my opinion, not for this particular girl. I read your other thread about her. You've asked her out more than once already and she keeps turning you down. I know you said recently she's been flirty, but I honestly believe it could just be to keep you around or something. She's had two and a half years to decide if she's going to be interested. It doesn't look like it's going to happen, friend.


And you know, it's probably truly her loss. But I am concerned that the longer you keep chasing after this girl, the unhappier you are going to be. Two and a half years is an awfully long time to stay in such an unrewarding situation.

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I have an idea: instead of showing up at her home unannounced, why don't you invite her to listen to your music where you normally play it? I can imagine that the typical girl might be much more comfortable with that - it doesn't force anything on her and it removes the possible perception of stalkerishness that you want to avoid.

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