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how do I not give up??


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Guys, I have been trying really hard lately to improve my relationships but I have been so unsuccessful that I dont know how would I be able to hold up..

All my friendships seem to be either wooden or hurting

I am unable to make new friends since I cant hold a person talking to me for more than 2 minutes, they always make some excuse to leave and whenever I try to be funny, I make people sniff. It makes me feel like I am not sociable and totally unwanted and useless.

For those who spend more time with me, I think they treat me like a commodity to pass their time by making fun and insulting me.. and at other times, they ignore me as if I am non existent. they would call me to the parties and poke fun at me and say things like I am not a man, I am useless and I should go ahead and die.

I thank GOD for the days I am not made fun of or somebody calls me to his party. Usually, I keep stinking in my room after trying to smile all day.. I have lost all pride &self esteem & I surely have gone into a state of depression.SOS

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Hi sweethurt,


I know how you're feeling, I can relate to it. I too have gone through some of the things you are going through. So I'll try to help. First of all, those people who treat you like dirt? Get rid of them, you don't need them at all. You need to increase your self confidence more! Do not let anyone talk to you like that, I hope you don't take comments like those lying down...if you don't stop them there is no reason for them to stop.


I think you should try to find a new crowd of people. These guys don't sound friendly at all. Don't give up! We're here for you.


Wish you the best.

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thanks ferion...


but how do i get rid of the distress they make me face.. because even if I stay away, they chase me down in group and publicly humiliate me.. so no new people prefer talkling to me, nobody wants to be with a loser.. infact, people sometimes join their party for no apparent reason

thats what depresses me most..

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and the worst part is when a handful of people I trust to stand by me also give me in, then it looks like my face is a public spittoon..


like just today i went into room of one such person (who i trusted) to borrow some milk powder for coffee and as i entered i saw the other guy (one of those who abuse me as a hobby) sitting. he winked to my friend and surprisingly, it was my friend this time who started the "poke fun and insult" game saying i can take talcum powder instead and drink it... and soon other people joined in.. and finally when i started to retaliate, My friend asked me to leave the room..

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Bullying often has little or nothing to do with the one being bullied. What I would suggest is reading up on the laws in your area. Here in the US, bullying is illegal - if it's the same in India, don't hesitate to threaten/invoke the authorities. I went through a lot of the same stuff in high school, and finally got sick of it. The school authorities didn't want to help, so I flat-out told them that if they didn't do something, they'd be hearing from my lawyer. I was never harassed again.

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I cant do that..there is no physical thing..but its worse than that.. I think I have to figure out some way of learning to answer the abuses, a ti.t for tat.. but against such a crowd, it seems I have no way out of this, plus whenever I face them.. my mind blocks and my tongue gets locked.. and I feel so unmanly and stupid after facing yet another public mockery.. I hate myself even more..

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