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I overheard my Boss at work today!!!

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Hi guys i urgently need your advise!!!

I am working as a Beauty Therapist in hotel. I have been working there for a while now and watched my Boss being unfair with some girls and myself as well time after time. A few month ago she emplyed a very nice girl Tracey, she just finished a Beauty School and came for kind of work experience to lead to a permanent job. She is a very sweet girl and have been so helpfull to me and other people who work with us. Me and her became a very close friends, start going out for lunch together have secrets together and going out partying with guys. We also clicked together very easily since we have met. Well everything was going fine till today...

I was walking pass my bosses office and over heard her talking on the fone saying to someone that she is not happy with Tracey and going to fire her asap and had already arranged an interview for the other Therapist to come. I was in shock as i mean we all do mistakes, noone is perfect in this world, yes.. Trasey has been doing a few mistakes but she learnt on it, so anyway i am so confuse what to do as i am dying to tell her that so the poor girl can do something about it, and i know that it can affect me in a way, but i dnt care, as she became such a good friend to me and i dnt know what to do, how to stop my Boss??? I tried to talk to her today saying how happy i am working with Tracey and how helpful she is, but she seemed to ignor my conversation..

I am feeling really bad about it and dnt know what to do??? '

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i dont think you can talk the boss out of it no matter what you do. i think you should let tracey know whats coming so that she can be prepared for it. tell her you will help her find a new job & that you will help her in any way. however, you might have misunderstood what you think you heard your boss say. unless you know for sure, just tell tracey what you think you might have heard. friends should tell others what they know about them, especially if it could change their life.

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Hi Eleonora,


Yes, I think you should inform you friend Tracey about the recent happenings. It is not a betrayal to your boss in any way, since no promises were made.


As a good friend to Tracey, you have some responsibility to give her the mental preparation for this big rock which is gonna fall. I hope that things will work out fine. Keep us posted.

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