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Falling apart

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Call your best friend. I'm so sorry you're experiencing pain. I understand your pain. You think you can't survive this pain because it feels like it will win.


It won't win. Call your best friend. Call your mother or a sibling. You need someone to talk to on the phone who can assure you everything will be OK.

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hey diggitydave, it's 7:15 pm my time...are you doing any better?


I came accross a qoute the other day: Pain is weakness leaving the body. It was on a power bar wrapper, I think it was one of those physical challenge type things. But it actually applies quite nicely to emotional pain as well. How can you grow if you don't suffer from time to time?


So maybe you can think of the pain as a necessary step to healing and becoming stronger. Pain as mental spinach, kind of thing. What do you think?

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I totally understand what you are talkin about. There are many mornings where i'd wake up facing the wall, and hoping that when i flip to the other side, he'd be there next to and in hope that everything that's been going on is allll but a bad dream. THen i dont want to get out of bed, and when i finally do, i sit there crying and numbed and not want to face the world. I find it really helpful to juss get out of the house, as much as i dont want to i somehow draggg myself to the shower, and get dress and i go to the closest coffee shop and get a drink. I believe it's just the idea of going outside and not staying home makes it a little better, and being out forces you to have somee "self-control" so later when i do return home i'd usually feel a little better.

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