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how to get in touch with people on line

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anyone know how to get on touch with people on line? I know that sounds like a stupid question but I live in a small-minded town in Poland (I love it really - I teach there) but there are no gay bars etc and I have not met anyone who is openly gay. It is a very lonely life.


I'm a bit crap with computers but I just found your site and I've been reading some of the postings here - I can relate to them really well and I replied to a couple...


At the moment I just need somewhere to talk and write. My friends here are lovely but most of them are crazy Christians...!!


p.s. Polish girls are reallly beautiful. You should visit

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Yeah, that part of Europe is christian as well as Croatia is. The previous Pope was from Poland too. I think you can't avoid christianity in Poland, can you?

Yes, girls are beautifull, as well as in my country too I have to dissappoint you I come from similar country...

Welcome to Ena.

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Thanx for your reply - yeah I know - actually spirituality in Poland is part of what I like about it. The friends I have who are 'crazy' are actually my american/british friends. Born again evangelical fundamentalist protestants. Everything's a sin etc, even having sexual thoughts.


I think a lot of the expats here have left their own country because of their religious beliefs and I find my Polish catholic friends to be far more openminded. I actually told one that I was gay (the first and only straight person I ever told) she is a practising catholic and she was great. She told me it was normal.


Unfortunately my Polish is not good enough to work my way around gay warsaw websites!


How has it been for you in your country?

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Well, I am not gay so I don't have problems with still pretty much close minded people when it comes to that subject (older genarations mostly, and younger generations in some parts of my country).

I tought you are originally from Poland, but since you mentioned your Polish is not great I guess you're from UK or something.

I think this part of Europe is very nice because of the mentality of the people.

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