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Daytime activities when there is bad weather outside


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Good morning,

What activities are good to do during the day when it’s bad weather?


I was originally going to take my SO out horse riding this afternoon. But now I look out the window, it’s snowing/raining, +2deg, grey, windy, stormy and miserable. So I was thinking of delaying the horse riding for next weekend. It’s been beautiful spring weather the rest of this week, & next sat would probably be better for the horse riding.


This weather also rules out most usual daytime dating activities such as pick nick, trip to zoo etc. it is also too warm for ice skating, skiing etc.


Cuddling on the couch is the plan for this evening, so it’d be nice to start the day with something active. It seems lethargic to spend the afternoon on the couch if we’re going to be doing that in the evening anyway. So I want to do something interesting this afternoon first before settling down into the couch.


Movies and bowling etc could be an option, although we’ve been doing a lot of movies lately, and it also seems more of an indoor/night activity.


Going for a walk in the storm can also be ok, but there must be something better.


So what activities are good for the afternoon when the weather is bad? Any suggestions?

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yeah, board games are fun! actually i've been having games nights twice a month with friends, Carcassonne, Setlers of catan, citadels, Go, etc. in the past boardgames have been more of a night activity in my mind, but could actually be quite a good option for a stormy day. maybe some boardgames, then chuck on a coat for a walk around the block, cook some food, some more boardgames, hot chocklate, then cuddling.


Any more suggestions? it's always good to have fun activities for stormy days.

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