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don't feel like anything is worth it anymore

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Listen man, don't let some chick be the end of you, it's not worth it, you say she started dating someone else after she left you, hmmm, interesting, you have to consider the fact that she does'nt give a sh*t, so why should you, and now she does'nt want to talk to you ever because you started smoking, i don't think so, if she cared, she would've tried to stop you instead of never talking to you, she's not worth it, she does'nt care, so why should you, move on, beccome a stronger person, do what you've always wanted to do, build yourself up, this way, when time passes, your wounds will heal, you'll become stronger, and she'll wish she never left you, then you'll find someone better, and move on, in time things will turn out fine...trust me

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The world may seem bleak for you now with all its hurt and misery, but trust me...there is so much more to life than just a relationship.


People may come and people may go, but it is grappling with your own identity and happiness that is utmost. Learn to stand your own ground and let not your personal joy be too dependent on others. Yes, even a loved one.


There is only ONE you in this world and keep that in mind. It is not worth it to end your life for any reason. Keep on living and keep on loving. You will find that special someone someday.

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