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Loving someone


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Just a question that is in need of answering. I just wanted to know, how can you ask a boy out. We dated before and we were friends for a while, now we started to talk on the phone. So how should I tell this boy that I like him again and that I wan to be with him?



Secound question, How can you tell when a boy loves you that they want to be with you?

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If he likes you or wants you is most easily determined by observing his body langauge. However, this does not mean he wants you for the right reasons. It just means he wants you.


To figure out if he wants you for the right reasons, if he has feelings that may lead to or are love, you need to see him invest in the relationship. You need to need to see some effort and sacrifice for it.


Asking him out should probably not be necessary. he will hopefully get to that by himself. However, if he does not, then ask him if he is interested in doing something that is not so much a date. Ask him to help you with something, ask him to go someplace with you, whatever, just make wonder if it is or if it isn't a date, and then turn make him think maybe, no, and yes when you are with him, alternating in that order, by using your body language and words.

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