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hello again Enotalone, ive posted my story before but this time its more accurate and well. yea.


We have been together 1 year and 9 months, still in highschool. It all started out 4 weeks ago. i was taking medication for my heart and had alot of coffee ( no excuses but stimulants dont help) and i got a bad temper. This was my first and only offense. I didnt exacly yell. but we didnt see eye to eye. She says and told all her friends i yelled, her side of the story. The next day everything was fine and dandy. Continued on for a week. All the sudden she calls me and then says she just wants to be friends. She uses the reason that i was snappy constintly and she needed some time to think if she wanted to keep a relationship. i think that was just an excuse.


I begged the first day after. and a day exactly 1 weeks after that, and that was it. Two weeks from the initial "relationship pending" i write her a note because she was unable to confront me if she wanted to be with me and real reason why she decided to take a break. She wrote back she just wants to be friends and i was snappy and pushy.


There is no way after 1 year in 9 months that anyone would end a relationship over 5 minutes of not agreeing on something. This didnt make sense. I took a look at the big picture.... she now has a job, she almost failed math, her father is a HARDA$$ and schoolboard principal, and her mother pressures her into alot of hobbies. Well it occurred to me that maybe she is to occupied for a boyfriend. School, her dad, job, hobbies, and then me.. to much pressure on someone. So maybe she let me go because all of the pressure. There just isnt any room in the picture for me at the moment. If so, why wouldnt she tell me pressure is the reason and not me just being snappy for a day. My mother says she may be embarrassed of the situation and use me being snappy as an excuse. Maybe its the real thing. You tell me.


Other Facts: She never ever told me what was on her mind about the situation. She never told me she felt like i was too snappy. She never gave me a second chance. She cant look nor talk to me. I think she feels guilty about letting me go. I changed my lunch schedule for her, which happens to be two days before she broke up with me, so i gave up my one friend to be with her and she let me go now i loiter at lunch. In her notes she said she still cares for me.


I know she loves me to death, I would do anything in the world for a second chance..... I need to know what you guys think. i need to know if you guys think that she would end a relationship over 5 minutes of not seeing eye to eye, or if this is life/school/job related. If so... do you guys think when she has time that she will come back? we never fought, we always got along... and its all gone. i love her to death, i would do anything in the world for her. I need to know what you guys think. Also i gave her a note today saying i know you have been pressured way to much by school your job, your family and I and i understand. I also said she made the right decision to break me off so she can get her life staightened out.... its been 3 weeks since she let me go. What are her chances of her coming back within a few months if and when she straightens things out? Or, do you think she has had enough.

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i need to know if you guys think that she would end a relationship over 5 minutes of not seeing eye to eye


No I don't think most people would do that.


I'm guessing it is one of two things, either she has been wanting to end it for a while and this incident was just the catalyst for that or, she just had a brain explosion in the heat of the moment and is too proud to change her mind.


Look back carefully at the last few months of the relationship and see if you can see any flags there at all that she may not have been happy.


In this case I think the longer your are broken up, the less likely you will get back together.

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i dont recall anything other than that one time i got a temper.. althought our phone life died down as she called when i was going to ebd and wed talk for 5-10 minutes if not at all. i did ask her when she broke up with me how long she was planning on breaking up and she " this very night, its the heat of the moment kinda thing". as of right now i think its her father saying "your grades are too low u got a job now your not responsible enough to have a boyfriend, focus on school" bla bla.... she doesnt talk to me much. she seems ashamed or embarrassed when im around. i just want her back. but i dont want to push her. have any suggestions or ratings on our relationship sparking up again?

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i talked to her today, i sent her a note asking if i was accurate about her being all cought up in her grades and her parents and job ect. i also asked if she was going to start talking to me again. She got up in class and came over and started talking to me.


I asked if i was accurate she said "its part of it". she then said she never meant to hurt me and she just cant explain what she is feeling. I asked why she wont talk to me or look at me sometimes. She said "it brings up memories". but she also said she has no more feeling.... if im not mistaken that statement kinda contradicted itself. so i think she still has feelings for me. after 1 year and 9 months, its supportive.


She said her mom hit her last night, her home life is pretty crappy at the moment and she looked really sad. After i asked her when she was gong to start talking to me, which i think will be soon, i just started talking as a friend. I brought up her having a job and i asked what she did and she drives now and bla bla friend stuff. Told her some new things that were goin on... after awhile before we had to go i asked if there was a chance for us in the future, whether it be 1 month 2 months or a year from now. she said maybe... right now she doesnt know what she wants, or what to do, or her plans in life. maybe she just lost interest in the whole idea.. idk.. i still love her... all i can do is wait and hope she gets her life straightened out and hope she wants a relationship when she finds herself.... do things sound good in my favor?

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