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How would you or would you react if:


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Is it possible to just pity this girl? I'm not sure you have much to worry about.


Maybe so. I think that's the approach I may take.


You know what bothers me the most?


It is so clear that she needs attn from a guy - she blatantly puts it out there on everyone's myspace when she gets attn from any guy.


But - I do deserve respect. And although I can accept alot of things, I can't stand being disrespected in front of my friends. And.... I'm pretty sure that if he goes out and she is around, there will be plenty of pictures strewn around. (She's picture fanatic / kinda like myself - always camera in hand.)


And guess who's going to look like the fool?


Of course I can look at her and think Hmmp! He's my boyfriend, go ahead and brag that you had an evening of fun where he was at with the guys.


But my friends and family, look at it from the outside and thing "wow - what's she doing with this guy? And why would he have a picture taken with these girls all around him?"

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I completely agree with you on it being unacceptable. Stand your ground. If he has nothing to hide then he shouldn't mind you going along. I don't really know what I'd do if my b/f said "No, you can't go because they're going." I'd be furious! You're too good for that girl.

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And you have only met them once, and he says you dont get along with them? I find it difficult to believe that you dont get along with anyone!!





S was with him the night I ran into him 8 months ago. She actually sat at our table while we discussed dating. I was friendly to her as well.


J gave me a hardtime about moving to the town I moved to (it's upscale.) And also said he figured I probably thought I was too good to date him and that I turned my nose up at him.


I took a consensus at the table (mind you after a few drinks,) and most of the people (including my sister and cousin) at the table said "yep - you come accross as stuck up."


Anyhow - further discussion with her was her saying "I don't care if people think I'm stuck up" and me saying "I can't believe people think I'm stuck up!" really don't like the thought of anyone thinking I'm unapproachable.)


Anyhow, he told me they were only friends (which they've never been a couple.) With the way she acts, I'm sure she didn't like me starting at that point.


And the guy, P. I have been introduced to him, twice. And I was very friendly to him. But he kinda gave me the cold shoulder.


I don't really have ANY enemies. Or people that can't stand me. (that I'm aware of besides her maybe.) I really try to get along with everyone! My daughters step-mom and I are close friends for goodness sakes! (Just thought of one other person and that would be my son's dad's gf. She's really mean to me too.) We've overcome the odds of that.... But I'm not allowed to be around this girl because we don't get along?

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I don't think Dan meant it that way.


I certainly don't feel like I am "above" this group or any other group for that matter!


However, we definitely have different styles of lives. I for one am very family oriented and focused. I rarely go out for a drink and if I do, it's with my family (sister/sometimes parents.) I have enough going on in my life with work and my children that I don't have time to create drama for others.


This other group.... Well they do hold jobs (as I do,) but they are all about partying on the weekend / counting down the days until they get to party on the weekend. I think maybe they need to find better hobbies. (oops did I say that?)


Seems to me that he wouldn't necessarily want to affiliate with them or their lifestyle either since he has a girlfriend and a baby.... (not my baby of course!)


And yep - Course AMT is a hottie, Ghost. (you're funny!) She knows that. But more than anything, she's a great girl! Sweet, intelligent, compassionate, friendly!

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no problem cutie.


keep your friends close. i don't care about the enemies part of that saying. but your friends should be people that will stick with you through it all no matter what. i have maybe 3 friends that are like that. the rest are friends, but i could see them not helping out when they don't want to.

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