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I just submitted my applications to law schools...

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hi, yes, i'm in my third year of law school. actually, though, i have to admit that i'm a bit confused. i remember the application process more happening in the fall/early winter.. i think i had all my aps in by jan. and heard back from the last school around mid march. are your schools on a diff. timeline? anyway, i think it really depends when you hear back.. some schools will get back to you in a few weeks, others may take 2-3 months. it can also depend on how your stats (namely LSAT and gpa) match up with their averages.. you may hear back from schools you're def. qualified for and those that are somewhat out of your league before those that you're right in the middle on, since those schools often want to wait to review more applicants before making a decision on yours.


in any case, good luck!!!

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I had to apply by November, and write my LSAT by October.....I heard back three days before Christmas. Some here back in the spring if someone else turns down the offer and they were next on the rung.


Depends on the school though, some have early admissions and some take longer to decide....best to look at the websites or call the schools you are interested in.

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