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seeking help 10+ years later


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i was abused by my coach for almost 2 years when i was 13/14. its been over 10 years and i haven't gotten any professional help at any point. on one hand i feel like i'm doing pretty ok but i still wonder if i could be doing just that much better. i wouldn't even know where to start-which is ridiculous since i'm 'all grown up' now and should have a bit more of a clue.

involving my parents is not an option and i don't want to tell my friends because i wouldn't know a-how to tell them and b-how i would deal with them knowing/reacting to it. last boyfriend i tried to share this with told me to that it had happened to practically everyone and that i should suck it up. not very helpful and he is an * * * but i'd be lying if i said that line doesn't still linger...

any advice?

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