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He's my yoga teacher- how to proceed?...!


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I'm glad to say I have a new love interest, at last.


He's super sweet, but I don't know if he's just like that with me because he's my teacher and he's very zen and kind with everyone.


I have a gut feeling that he find me attractive, but it may stop there...I don't know.


And mostly, I don't know how to proceed without jeopardizing my teachings with him ( i.e. if he has a gf, and/or I embarrass him or myself, I'll never want to show my face there again).


I also doubt, because he's my teacher, that he would make the first move....would he?



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i think its your call to make the move or not, you may lose your teacher, but he MAY LOSE HIS JOB!!!!


what honestly more important to you, a teacher or the rest of your life. if he wont risk your life, i doubt you want him enough to make it last anyways.sry if that doesnt come though the way i though it would

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Interesting. Never thought it would happen in a yoga room. I'd only think about dying there, but I guess some still have the energy to think about other stuff.


Thinking about the whole dynamic really seems difficult to go about it. Is any of his schedule late in the evening (last class)? If so, after work would be the best time to chat since he has no other obligations. See whether he wants to leave or he wants to stay and chat.

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Quite honestly, a simple "so, are you currently seeing anyone?" will SUFFICE!!!! Don't make a fool of yourself. By asking if he's seeing anyone, you will a) find out if he's seeing someone, and b) let him know you're interested, without coming off as a fool if he's not. Because "so, are you currently seeing anyone?" is universally interpreted to mean "because if you're not, maybe we could start something?"


So I'd ask him that. And leave it in his court. Actually that's a lie, I wouldn't ask him anything. I'd wait for him to approach me (and my experience is that if he's REALLY interested, and if the signals I give are receptive, he'll risk whatever it takes to even feel for a potential date). But if you don't want to sit and wait, or think that he honestly might REALLY like you but doesn't want to risk his job, whatever, then spark things with the "seeing anyone?" line. Best of luck!

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