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"steve" : does he sound like he likes me?


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heres the deal..... so about 3 weeks ago my guy friend, (we were close 7 grade year and lost conctct now its 10 grade year) asked me to homecoming. and following that was.."does this mean were going out? cuz thatd be cool" i said yes to homecoming but no to goin out, becasue i liekd him but i wasnt sure, so basically i used i want to get to kno u better, we should talk more often adn so on, basically after this he agreed, and i kinda of avoidied him for the next 3 days, but we still talked online forever everyday. about a week later, i relized i didnt like him and i didnt kno how to to tell him i did not want to go to homecoming, because he told me hes liked me since beginning of 8 grade year. so yea we did talk and i told him i kind of liked someone else, and maybe we should just be friends, he told me he kinda also liked someone else, but he liked me more. so now here we are 3 weeks later, and guess what? i am totally in LOVE with him. i talked to him on the phone friday night and he was just so easy going and fun, andi thought to myself, hes so hot, hes sweet easy going...y dont i like him? now here we are tuesday and man i like him alot. however he told one of his nto close at all but still old friend jason, he thisnks its pathetic when people come back to other people, and he thinks we should just be firneds and he doesnt like me anymore, my friend also jason and i were ont he phone when steve wrote this and we both said it couldnt be him theres no way (they were online) because steve isnt at allt his rude, u know? and well me and jason had a "fake" convo if u will, and jasons sent it to steve saying maybe u should rethink this. it basicaly was a way to get the info accross without me straight up saying it. and he really didnt say much after this. it said how much i like him and i was so stupid to ever let him go, and how i ONLY like him and no one else. and today at school i saw him alot, and everytime he looked my way, one time i wa walkin and he was like 7 ft. in front of me and he looked up and then back down and did a quick double take. does that mean anything? and also hes very shy around me compared to how he normally acts. coulz he just be sayin he doesnt like me to his friend jason because there not that close or what? i mean correct me if im wrong but i know for a fact with girls when they have a crush for a LONG time its very hard to let it go, is it the same for guys? i mean he said he like dme since 8 grade, its 10th. that isnt something u just "forget" about or let go just like that. well please help me out! what should i do? does he sound like he likes me? HELP!!! thanks so much!

celci 8)

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Hey there! I'd suggest having a heart to heart with this guy you like.. just come clean and honestly, something direct in the lines of, I've thought about alot ever since you've asked me to homecoming, and us talking so often and me getting to know you better has mad me realizeI like you.. then see what he says.. it can barely hurt, and its better rejection than regret!!!! ps--im in 10th grade too, so i pretty much know what ya mean!!

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