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My Girlfriend of almost a year, broke up with me 2 months ago...not even. and never got real closure on everything. all i got was a " im not happen" as a reason and she has never contacted me or talked to me since. Almost imdieatly after all of her away messages seemed so happy and like nothing could be better. i always wondered how she could be so happy after this. made me feel like garbage and that i meant nothing...


so today i finally got confermation that she is seeing and in love with someone else. ANd i just dont know how she could love someone so much after only a month and 3 weeks after the breakup


her away message " I love you and miss you so much, cant wait to be in your arms" see home from college and her New bf is there. i feel like someone just hit me with a truck..... hurting so bad right now.


I just dont know how she could love someone else like she loved me so fast. all her previous relationships she waited long periods of time inbetween. this one she didnt and makes me feel like i am nothing and it is so easy to forget and get over me.. I just dont understand.... feel so sad. at least i got my closure and know why she left...... just hurts so

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It'll take time, but you'll get over her...as the above poster said, you need to get away from her...messages, etc.


Personally, I think closure is bulls**t. I know you're hurting, but you will get no "real" answers in a closure discussion. She would have lied to you...told you she needed space...or one of the million other standard reasons....you're a great person, but, but, but. My point is -you already have your answer.


The real answer is usually another guy...or something you don't want to hear. Women are crafty and resilient creatures, so learn your lesson. Also, never take a girl back that leaves you once...and don't let your desire to be missed confuse you're real feelings. Forget this girl and find a good one.

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You finally got the one thing that will propel you out of the doldrums. It hurts (I've been there bro) like nothing else and I would never wish it upon another person. But you have two options from this: you can wallow and pine or pickup your britches and head forward. You are young and the world is never truly at the end that you think it is. I'm not going to lie to you, the next little while is going to be pure, unadulterated hell but this will be a testament to your courage and resilience.

Like it was said in The Shawshank Redemption, "...who crawled through a river of sh*t and came out clean on the other side."

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ANd i just dont know how she could love someone so much after only a month and 3 weeks after the breakup


The breakup started for you when she let you in on her secret, but her breakup was long before that point. I'm not saying she cheated, but that she let go of you long before finding the nerve to say goodbye.


That's how she could be moving on so soon. She's on a different timetable.


Closure is when you close the door on your ex and and start a new life.

You can do it.

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