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so i lost my virginity this month and everything went really well...i didn't even bleed and there was very little pain.


but the issue is that my period is late, i'm on day 36. granted, it's been pretty irregular lately, the last one was 33 days and the couple before that were around 28 days.


i'm definitely not pregnant, i took a test that came out negative and besides that we used protection and nothing broke, and it was past where my ovulation period should have been.



has anyone else experienced a late period after losing their virginity?



and i do plan on taking another pregnancy test in another if it doesn't come, just to be sure.

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Well, there is a myth that after the first time you have sex, you miss your next period. Even though it is a MYTH, i'm sure it must have happened to some people in order for the myth to have been thought to be real... if you know what i mean? But you seem to have done all the sensible things, like take a pregnacy test, and use a condom in the first place! So i wouldnt worry too much about it.


If you still havent come on in a week or so, take another pregnancy test. If that comes out negative, just wait till you do have your next period. Everyone's body is different and individual. And being late, or missing a period may just be down to other reasons such as stress etc.


But if you're really worried, or miss more than two or three periods in a row, i would advise you to go to the doctor, just in case.

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A lot of girls get late periods after having sex for their first few times. The reason being is mostly related to stress (whether good or bad). Sometimes girls are afraid of getting pregnant and that stress causes it to be late. This happened to myself and almost all of my friends on our first times. In fact, it happened to me every time I had sex until I went on the pill. My period didn't skip. It was just late by about 10 days on each occasion. It's frustrating because it increases the stress of thinking you're pregnant even further.


Just wait it out and if you don't get it within a couple of weeks, then take another pregancy test if you don't get it.

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Yes, I definitely believe that stress can cause missed periods. I had a similar scare recently; the later my period was, the more frantic I became, and my period ended up coming a month after it should have.

Try not to stress about it too much! Those tests are nearly always accurate, so I wouldn't worry!

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