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Just wondering, not even sure if iv posted in the right forum, what sort of a ' {Mod Edit}' do girls like in a man? because i get worried about mine, it sorta sticks out at the top of my bum, i do like my bum lol, but its whether girls like it?


i know this is really strange question to be asking, but iv never asked anyone before, or even thought about it.

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i get complimented on mine a lot. grabbed if you will by females. they say it's nice and round. my bum isn't too big, but it's there.


do you mean yours sticks out at the top as in muscle or fat? i know really muscular guys the bum starts to stick out at the top with muscle. look at any bodybuilder. a lot of chicks think that is gross from what i've heard.

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I don't really care. As long as I like the guy wearing it, I like the bum.


That's assuming you already know the bloke, not someone you don't know. Hence, his appearance will (obviously) factor in to how much - or little - you like the guy in question.


I'm not skewering you for your views, just pointing out the way of things. I'm much the same, so I'm as much a hypocrite as most people.

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Of course.


To each his own. Everyone has things they look for, like and things they don't care about. It varies widely, I imagine.


And as for me, as I said, I am a huge hypocrite. I expect someone quite good looking, yet I am not at all what most attractive girls would want, and I would not date someone who is attracted to me, but I am not attracted to. So I am certainly no better than anyone else, in many respects, I may be worse.

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