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How can you tell?


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I was just wondering how you can tell if you love or really do care about them?


I would like to believe that I love my girlfriend Kay, I mean she is a wonderful woman who makes me very happy, a woman who I look forward to talking to everyday and who I think about all the time. I look out for her, I take care of her, and I'm always there for her, through the good times and bad.


So how can you really tell that you love someone or really care about them?

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I find for me I will be thinking about something or someone and it will just pop into my head that I love them. I mean I already care about them. Are attracted to them and find them interesting but I believe its a switch in the brain and you just know I love this person.


ex: I was cleaining my bathroom and I thought of my ex and the next thought I had was I love him. That was it but that is me. It happens in different ways for people I will assume.

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