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Need advice please on turnin him on....


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My boyfriend has to work away during the week, so obviously im really looking forward to him coming home this weekend This is his first week away, so i want to make this weekend very kinky and memorable to give him something to think about next week! Any suggestions of ways to tease him through text messages?? We cant talk on the phone during working hours but we can text each other and i want to tease him n have him burning with anticipation!!


I told him i want to give him a weekend to remember n that he is in for alot of fun but any other.. maybe more pecific... things i can say to him to make him hot for me!?? Im horny thinkin about him and i want to turn him on too!!

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Maybe you could play the text game sometimes I play. You start it off by saying 'reply with the rest of the sentence'. Then you say something like. 'I am in the shower wshen the door bell rings. I put on a bath robe and open the front door and you are standing there with a big smile on your face as my robe falls open, so you.....' then he says something like, 'So I take off your robe and walk you to the bedroom' etc etc. Then you just reply back and forth with more and more explicit details. Lol, it's so fun!

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