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Eh, I give up, I'm lost

Northern Raccoon

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Ok let me just give you the simple version of the story so your not here for ever(5 min.) reading somthing.


There's this girl i like, that i really feel in love with over the internet, and on the phone. We mostly did our talking last x-mas. Somthings happened while we talked with each other. And i'm pretty sure she was jokeing around, or maby she was just trying to make me feel good. But she said if i was right a cross the street from her, then she would have came over and had sex with me. Then after my x-mas breakand i get back home and she gets home safly. ( i was in florida she was in massachusets). I didn't really tak to her for some time. And we have finally strated talking again, because she is finally back in massachusets with her father. She said she would come down to NJ and visit her friends here.


After she said that i started to think of how much i love this girl. I mean she makes me feel special, like i can acctually find someone that loves me. The whole thing is i don't know wather i like her or not. And if that wasn't bad enough, i don't know if she likes me or not, i've told her how i feel, but i said it at the wrong time (after she broke up with another bf) did not know this at the time. Then she said she didn't want to have any more online relationships for a while. and that made me feel like sh^%.


Basically my question is how do you know if you really like a person or not?

And how can you tell if some one like you or not?


Yes thats thw whole story in a nut shell.

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Well if it would be a long distance relationship, especially at our age, it's hard to keep those going, especially if you haven't already dated before it became long distance. If you don't know if you like her or not, you have to spend some time with her. This will help realize if you have a future or not.


As for wether she likes you or not, what indication has she given that might make you think she does? You said she knows because you told her you liked her, but things change all the time so there's no guarantee she still thinks you like her.


If you end up hanging out with her and liking her then tell her how you feel. She'll either say she feels the same or that she isn't sure about this, or that she just sees you as a friend. Any way she answers, you'll be able to move onto another step in your life with or without her. And because she lives so far away it won't be insainley aqward if she doesn't. You can still contiune to have casual online chats with her.

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i think this is more or less a crush. you like her, but you don't love her. you should use the word love lightly. that word almost never comes out of my mouth unless i really mean it. LDRs are tough. i've done that once and i will never do it again.


what is stopping you from having a relationship with someone closer to you, like in your school?

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I'd wager that ghost69 is right, this isn't love. I would find it hard to believe that true love developes over the internet and phone line without spending face to face relationship time in there. Plus, a long distance relationship at this age is nearly impossible to work out. On top of all of that, she's not interested and said so, regardless of what excuse she gave. You shouldn't limit yourself to just this one option. When you focus in so hard on one person and you aren't even dating them, then you will almost always fail, plus you are limiting your chances for success with so many other girls out there.


I suggest you read the first two links in my sig. I wish at your age I had read something like that because it wouldhave saved me so much heartache and trouble.

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You're only 16. Cheer up, there's so much more heartache for you to experience in your life.


I think you should realise that.. I, for ex. felt more than a year bad after my boyfriend split up. After that year I found someone else and now it seems the previous boy wants me back. There still could happen a lot I guess, at 'our' age

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