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Having trouble falling to sleep on time!

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For the past couple of weeks, I'm finding it super hard to fall asleep when I want to. Usually I try to go to bed at a reasonable time like 11pm at nights. It seems like when I try to go to bed early, I can't seem to fall asleep when I want to, I end up tossing & turning in bed for a good hour & sometimes even two hours. Then it's weird, I'm always thinking about things when I go to bed. Like I can't sit in bed peacefully, there's always something I'm thinking about like a movie I saw or what I did throughout the day. Is there anything that will help me go to sleep faster?

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What do you do immediately before you go to bed/sleep?


Ideally you should try and have about half an hour of "quiet" activity like reading a book or watching TV. If you are "active" right up to the point of going to bed it will always take your body and mind a bit of time to wind down.

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Well vent about the stress, but on the sleep i have to say the following.


When you goto sleep daily at 11 pm, your body accustomes to 11 pm.


Go sleep 9 pm, and you'll fall asleep 11pm or later, over time your body would adjust to fall asleep at 9 pm, but it takes time for your biological clock to adjust.


Now if you worry in your head, the brain sends signals to the brain stem that says 'stay awake' ,naturally because being awake = activity in the brain, and sleeping = (very roughly said) no activity in the brain.


So if you goto bed and think 'omg my finances,my wife,my children zomg my job,and ohnoes i have to do this tomorrow, or the most famous of all 'i want to goto sleep' your body does the exact opposite and stay awake *_*.

Its like a washing machine in your head, it keeps spinning, and you need to push the turn off button so,next time you goto sleep do the following.


Don't start worrying or saying to yourself i want to sleep. Say to yourself ' im lying down here and im completely satisfied with doing just that' and then you will fall asleep.

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