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Does this...make me weak?


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I went today to see where I get tested for Depression; I've felt depressed for a long time (a few years at least) and finally wanted to know if I was clinically depressed. I went to my College's Health center, and I set up an appointment with a counselor for next Monday...does this make me weak? I know it's a stupid thought...but I also feel that if I try hard enough I can fight my depression.

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Go and get treated. I know I used to think I could overcome it and still do really. Treatment helps, and it's helped me to realize I needed help. But you do still have to rely on yourself to overcome it. The meds won't do everything for you. But yes society does view mentally ill as weak or fragile. Get help anyway or you could get worse.

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In no way are you weak. Seeking assistance for depression is a sign of strength and self understanding. Don't ever let someone insinuate otherwise! Any private practice therapist's client roster is full of educated, successful, vibrant people. Any board of directors, probably 1 in 4 has gone into therapy at some point in their life or gone on medications. Smart, strong people seek help. Depression is a disease. It is not a weakness.


People who don't seek help are the ones who turn to alcohol, other substances, verbally and physically abuse their partners, lose their jobs, wind up on the street, and any number of other bad things. People who get help get better, and they learn coping skills that can be applied to all areas of life.


You are taking a positive step in your life by going to your counseling center.


Care to share what areas of your life contribute to depression?

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No, you're not weak. You're strong, by definition, because you're realizing a problem in your life and working to overcome it. That shows a strength of character far beyond that of someone who simply digs their heels in and hopes that the problem will just go away on its own (admittedly, this is a huge simplification; the depression itself often adds to this).


Let nobody tell you you are weak because you are depressed. It is not your fault and you can't just make it go away, but this is a definite step in the right direction.

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To Answer your question "Does this make me weak", My answer is absolutely not.


At one time in my life I was diagnosed by my doctor as being suicidally depressed and was put on medication.


It wasn't until I got help from a specific program that I learned that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance of the brain. It may be hereditary and in my case it was.


Trust me, it can be treated and yes, you can fight depression. I have been recovered for about seven years now.


In my case, I felt medication didn't do anything for me. It made me extremely tired and sad. I walked around like a drugged up zombie.


When I finally got the program I am referring to, I realized that I needed to fight my problems head on and not hide behind a pill to do it. I learned so many things about myself and the reasons behind my depression.


My best advice to you is go see the doctor Monday, be leary of and kind of medication they may put you on and clean out your depression closet so to speak.


My final note, if you do decide to be placed on something, take as ordered.

I quit my medicine cold turkey (which is a no-no) and have suffered from severe migraines ever since.


Best of luck to you, keep your chin up and take care!

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No, you're not weak.

It has nothing to do with it.

It has to do with chemical imbalance in your brain and with genetics if I remember correctly and if I used the right expressions. So it's not you're fault or product of your mind.

When you have eye problems, you see oftamologist,

when you have flu you see your family doctor,

you don't feel weak if you wear eyeglassess right?

The same is with depression. It needs to be treated.

No one is perfect, we all have some diseases that make us unperfect human beeings.

I see no difference between physical pain and illness and psycological problems.

People feel embarrassed about depression but it's sooo wrong.

Today a lot of people are dealing with depression. i thing the way our lifes look like today has to do a lot with it.

Great for you decided to seek help.

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UPDATE: Well, I went to therapy today; I just kind of told the Counselor what has been keeping me depressed for the past 4 years and he thought that I definitely had depression; he suggested I try more social activities and we would see how things were in 2 weeks. He also asked if I wanted to try medication, but I said I would rather avoid it and he was glad about that. Wish me luck!

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