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cant get a job since i was unfairly dismissed


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in june last year i was dismissed from work, its too long a story to go into it, summarize it even. but each place i got help from told me it was wrongful dismissal, these bein solicitor, citizens advice etc. i even went to the police before i was dismissed because of the situation it was and they said they could not fire me as there was no reason. the got rid of me anyway and i took the case to tribunal. after months of that i had to give up, it was making me very ill and depressed. although it seemed like i had given in and admitted defeat i was actually much happier wen i closed the case. the problem is since then any job i apply for turns me down and i get the feeling they are put off by my dismissal. i now work for argos but its only 15 hrs a week and i need a full time job too keep up with payments etc.........does any one have any ideas how to suceed in getting a job without lying?? im desperate PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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Hey there,


I am not sure of the laws of where you live but in the United States it is now against the law to ask a previous employer about such private information or to ask, "will you ever hire this employee again?" The references are basically to validate if indeed you have worked there and the dates stated on the resume/application.


When you interview with prospective employers, do you offer the dismissal upfront, when they ask, how does it come out? You do not have to say if they do not ask. If they ask, I guess you can say something at your discretion like you found that you wanted to do something else, something along those lines. You do not have to get into the details.

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Having a positive attitude walking into the interview helps. Do not doubt yourself in the least. Any least bit of doubt or fear will show.


Try hitting your library or book store up for some books on brushing up on interviewing skills. You might find dialog in there to help you with your interviewing process.


What has worked for me in the past was that "POSITIVE" attitude. No... Not ARROGANCE... but a positive attitude of "THIS is what I bring to the table".


WHY you left your last position?? It could be that it was a dead end job. You wanted to grow and be challenged. Your skills were under utilized. You wanted to advance in the company and there wasn't a clear path to do it. You want to use all the skills you have and learn new ones.


Remember... Be polished. Be up. Be Positive.


Bury that dismisal in the back of your mind and let it stay there. Don't talk about it. If asked the question if you were ever dismissed from a job.... then be creative. "I left the position of my own accord to seek something more challenging" Leaving a job before you have another one lined up may be suspect... however, it gives you MORE time in this declining economic market to look for another job. That can be your answer. No one knows your personal finances. No one knows if you dipped into your nest egg to live on while you are looking. That is none of their concern... and they won't ask.


I'd try looking up some books on interviewing skills and start from there. They'll at least give you a small boost and some reference point.



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