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Near Death Experiences (NDE)


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I recall when I was 18 on my schoolies trip weeks after finishing senior high-school forever I was in a serious car accident. I was close to losing my life, but in the end I didn't.


During the course of the day I had a surf at the beach in the morning and then went back to our place to have a sleep through till noon. After a few hours my friends had decided to drive into the city, this was on about our third last day and I decided to go with them to buy some things for my family before I soon returned home.


Few days prior we had found a short cut via a dirt road to reduce our travel time to the town by 10 minutes or so. We were doing the speed limit of 100km/h or slightly above, I remember looking out the window and sensing that something was wrong... even though there were no indications that something was about to happen that would change my life forever.


Following a corner around to the left, I for some reason looked further and noticed there was a quarry truck pulling out to make a quick dash accross to the other side to offload its contents. I knew there was no way we were going to stop in time for myself to get away from this unscathed.


I don't know whether it is the human body reacting to the accident that was about to happen but all outside sound seemed to dissipate, and all my ears focused on was the screeching that could be heard from the passenger in the front seat ripping on the handbrake to try and assisst further in stopping quicker. Nobody said anything (there were four of us in the car)... I keep picturing in my head newspaper articles of recent accidents were carloads of teenagers had been killed in similar accidents where they had been speeding... My brain went into overload and all it could examine were two options - Am I going to die and be like another story you see in the newspaper, this really can't be happening to me.


All in the space of what must have been no longer than ten seconds, seemed to take 30 in my own mind. Space seemed to slow down to a phenomenal level... All I was anticipating was the impact and what was going to happen to me and my body. Closer, Closer... closer...closer... It seemed to take forever to find out what was going to happen.


Finally it happened, we finally hit the truck... luckily we hit the wheel of the truck, if we had not we would most likely all of had our heads decapitated [not a nice thought I know]. After all of this I released my seat belt, undid my door and jumped out of the car as soon as I could... All I wanted was to lye down anywhere... that place just happened to be in the bushes on the side of the road.


I don't remember the next few minutes after all I can remember is waking up on the side of the road with something like fifteen people surround me. I was so thirsty and nobody would give me water for some reason. A middle aged hippy man was like offering me oranges but my friends took them for me. After that I was taken away by ambulance to the nearest hospitals for x-rays and cat scans etc. I later spent ten days in intensive care and a further five days in the general ward before I was allowed to make the 300 mile drive home.



What interests me is the near death experience in itself, why did the time seem to slow down... The most obvious answer is that it was an illusion, did the chemicals in my brain change to alert me to what was happening?


If you have had a NDE, please post it up as I am wanting to know more about the subject and the circumstances surrounding it.

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