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cheat cheat... tsk tsk!


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well, i guess my way was the easiest way to find out.

walked in on 'em


haha, didn't take long to get over that girl thankfully](*,)


my friend had a clever idea to find out herself. try what my friend did to find her boyfriend cheatin' on her. she took his phone and deleted the number of the girl whom she suspected he was fooling around with, and she wanted to see how fast it reappeared into his phonebook, should have been weeks, since they "never talk", but it was less than a day before it was reentered, so she had her suspicions almost verified with that.


most of the time when people suspect it, it's not true IMO. people just tend to worry too much, but you should maybe pay attention to their habits changing a little bit.


good luck!

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My ex (husband) told me he was going on a business trip out of state. I didn't buy it, not one bit. He did call me though real quick to let me know he arrived okay. Our cell phones were under my name so I called up our company and asked if there was any way to tell what satalite was used when he called me. There was and it was a local satalite. After that I hacked into his voice mail. Yep. Messages saved from "her". Our marriage was very over after that.

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I started calling numbers on our phone bill after I had suspicion that he was cheating. I talked to 3 girls that told me they had slept with him. I also used google desktop on his computer to find email address that I had no clue about and myspace pages that I didn't know about either. I then hacked into these accounts just to find emails from girls he had been hooking up with. Our marriage was officially annulled two months later.

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