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Can he tell me nice things sometimes?

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For the past 8 days I have been working my off for my man, making everything I could to get what he wanted.. which is kind of rare to find.. for the past 8 days.. I have barely slept, I have gave all the money I have.. I have searched all the store I could..


Tonight, i came home and he started yelling at me, because.. it's what he wanted.. he is happy about it.. but.. it wasn't perfect enough..


"OMG ARE YOU LISTENING TO WHAT I SAID" all night.. You are stupid.. blah blah.. and, its what he wanted!


(its a collector toy, that thing worth 400$.. the only thing he need to do is color a part of the toy cause, complete one are rare)


"You know I hate working on these things!! Why the hell don't you listen when I'm talking to you"


Then, I went to see my friend Roger, who is also his friend.. And he yelled at me.. cause I let myself yelled at by my man..


Thats not what i needed, I told him.. to stop yelling at me.. but he got mad cause i let myself walk over by my man..


And now, I feel like

I just wish someone would hug me for 2 sec, thats all id need..

Tomorrow I will have to deal with that thing and I so don't feel like it..


Why cant people see the good I do and actually appreciate it..

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Why don't you just simply leave, and tell him you're worth much more than what he treats you like, even when you're trying to help him out! He yells at you for that? Seriously, girl, you deserve much better than this.


A relationship is two way street; both should do nice things for each other! If one is, but the other isn't, it's not going to work.


Show him you have self respect not to put up with this crap. Put your foot down, and leave. I bet you'll get a phone call hearing him cry his little eyes out, apologizing like no tomorrow.


And as the old saying goes "You don't know what you've got, 'til it's gone..."


The more you stay after total disrespect like this, the more slack you're giving him to do even more in the future. When someone doesn't sense self respect from another person, it gives off the vibe of "let me take advantage of this person!"


It's only going to get worse, until you finally put your foot down, and show them you're not one to be messed with.

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He yelled at you for being kind, thoughtfull and loving?


Read this carefully:


You are being taken advantage of. You are being USED and you are unappreciated. Muster some pride in yourself and exit the situation, there is NOTHING acceptable nor forgivable about his behaviour.

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