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Girls, is it corny/lame for guys to do magic tricks?


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I don't do any, but I was wondering cause it's been known to work sometimes. Have you ever been hit on with magic tricks? I'm not saying it should be how you pick up girls, just as a way of maybe showing them something fun/interesting to loosen them up. I guess I figured anything besides the classic "bar pick-up talk" might be refreshing to a girl. What do ya think?

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I agree! Magic tricks are pretty cool and any guy who approaches me and starts pulling rabbits out of his hat would seem interesting to me. Its a good way of starting a conversation!


Once when I was sitting alone at the cafe at uni a random guy came up to me and aked me to pick a card, so I did and he did this trick. We started talking and slowly become friends! I think it would depend on the girl too, not all girls would be into the whole magic thing.

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One of my ex boyfriends broke the ice the first time we met with a magic trick. He asked me if i had 10p and i blew him out haha and said why so i can call my mum to tell her i wont be home tonight?! He replied no and said he would tell me the year on the coin. He guessed right as well, i was impressed and we dated for several months. I later found out that this particular coin was only made in 2 specific years, so he had a 50/50 chance of guessing the right year lol!


I like men who do magic tricks, they come accross as confident and are always good for breaking the ice

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personally, i wouldn't love magic as pick up...sorry.


maybe after i got to know you i would enjoy a trick or two,...maybe.


besides, if you are interested in magic, you should do it for yourself, not to pick up some girl!


Have you ever tried to pickup up girls?

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A buddy of mine is an amazing magician. He's got some extremely well developed magician skills. When he goes out to bars it is a great icebreaker to break out some of the stuff he does. I don't think it would always be wise to keep doing them and trying to use it to get a girl to like you by it, but to instead use it as an icebreaking tool, to start conversation... maybe even to tease them about not figuring out how you pulled of the trick.

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i remember i caught this bug on my shirt. it was at a crowded event so there were people everywhere. i extended my arm and let it go up in the arm. i'm tall so people can see this. this guy and his gf were amazed. they thought i just popped something out of my hand and it flew away. they had no idea i captured it on myself. they were pointing at me like wow. lol. pretty funny. i should have gone over and told her that i could make her bf disappear.

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I spent some money on magic tricks for the express purpose of attracting women. Those tricks cost money. But most importantly, they take up a lot of time. I remember buying a video on liquid metal. The video was about bending metallic instruments like forks. It didn't take long for me to give up since I never really cared for magic to begin with.


There are plenty of guys who have succeeded with women through magic tricks. However, many of those guys liked magic regardless if it would help them with women or not. If part of your identity is being a magician, you should have no problem using magic to attract women. On the other hand, if you do not like magic, using magic tricks might become a chore you hate.


In my opinion, guys are better off using their time and energy on something else other than using a gimmick to attract women. Guys would be better off learning a hobby that they are genuinely interested in regardless if it helps them with women. I also think that guys should learn how to flirt with women without having to rely on a bunch of props. I would rather have girls get intrigued by my personality rather than my magic tricks. Is it really fun to carry around a bunch of magical props like a magic hat, and a magic wand to a bar?

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Haha, this is a good topic. Personally I think its a good idea but only used in the right situation. Whats even greater is that I dont even think you need to get the trick right, so long as you dont act like a creep. I could see someone pulling a card trick that completely goes wrong, but sucking it up and introducing themselves anyway (maybe even setting up for a second meeting to "get the trick right") Its a unique icebreaker and thats the toughest part. Bravo for the idea.

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Magic is fantastic! I think it would be a great thing to learn. Growing up, my whole family did magic. And I believe the first date my dad ever went on with my stepmom, he brought a long some magic tricks. I guess it worked,hehe I think it would be a very charming thing to do and girls would really dig it.

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i think it is the worst opener to meet someone though.


ah, but you're not a girl, are you?

and perhaps he doesnt want to meet the kind of girls who woudlnt find that kind of thing appealing.


I prefer quirky men... boring bar openers just dont do it for me... and I know a lot of girls who are the same.


One of my mates doesnt card tricks to meet chicks, he pulls, hard, and they are all hot and smart...

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