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Interesting but Strange

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My ex began speaking to me again, as weird as it sounds. We see each other on the bus every now and then and still seem somewhat amicable. I asked to hang out a few times earlier in the year but she flaked out/is busy with school work.


She messaged me a couple of weeks earlier and to my surprise she came online the past couple of days. She hasn't been online for months.

We were both working on our essays (actually I still am) but we talked about things, laughed, joked, reminisced. We both kind of miss high school, but I know she loves her new boyfriend.


I told her to keep her confidence up, she's taking a very hard stream. But she realizes she has anxiety issues at times (it's partly why we broke up). We helped each other on the essays, she told me her boyfriend says the same thing about her anxiety.


We finish our conversation, and I told her not forget the advice her boyfriend and I gave her. She thanked me for everything and went to sleep.



The funny thing is, I feel a lot more at ease with myself now. Before my mind was starting to get locked on her again, thinking of her. But now that I spoke to her, I feel much better. And for some reason I feel good that saying "Your boyfriend and I." For some reason I feel much more motivated to meet more girls on campus.


I'm trying to figure this one out. I really can't understand myself right now. Maybe this is what I needed to truly move on?


Back to my essay lol

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