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good idea to get a pet?


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been thinking of getting a dog; i'm bored, lonely and have nothing to do; once it grows older it could go running with me. i won't have to make mindless small talk which is pretty difficult for me. but my job takes up alot of my day. so it might sit alone all day before i get home at 5 or 6. is it pretty indicative of my sad life that i've resort to this?

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Well, I suppose a dog could "hold it" for nine or ten hours every day while you're away, but that would be pretty tough on its kidneys eventually. It might chew stuff out of boredom, and the only way to keep your things safe in that case would be to kennel your dog. And kenneling an animal for that many hours a day would be a cruel thing to do, in my opinion.


When I worked outside of my home, I came home at lunch every day to let my dogs out. Once or twice a week, I also took one of them to doggy daycare, but at $20 - $25 a visit, it was definitely a treat, and not a regular occurrence. We took a lot of walks in the evening and hikes on the weekend to make up for all that time they had to spend by themselves while I was at work.


Dogs are very rewarding, but they are also a lot of work, and deserve a lifetime commitment. Unfortunately, too many people unload their pets for the most callous of reasons, and the shelters are full to the max of unwanted pets. It's truly a tragedy.


The best way to make sure your pet wouldn't end up as one of these statistics would be to do your research first, and maybe even foster a dog for a rescue group to see if they really would be the right pet for you.

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I also had a dog for many years, and the poor guy was alone during the day for a few of those years while I was at work. But I never bought him or chose him, he was a stray and he was a breed that would not have found another home. I wanted a dog before that, and I've wanted one since, but I cannot bring myself to bring into my (and now my husband's) life a social creature like a dog, to leave it by itself all day.


I'm sorry, but I think that's selfish. Maybe if you had another one as well and they had some real space to run around, or if you had a situation like Scout's, but otherwise...


Many dogs go mad without interaction. Get a hermit crab or breed fish or something. txblues there must be something you can do to make your own life more fulfilling, a dog sounds like an easy option but it's not.

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If you do get a dog, get one from the shelter... Can't go wrong since you'll know what he/she is like as an adult (where as puppies are a craps shoot) and you'll be saving a life. He/she can also jog with you right away instead of a year from now. Adult dogs can also hold it longer than puppies, and you get an extremely shortened version of housebreaking as a bonus.


I am currently raising a puppy (whom I ADORE) but I am extremely experienced, and have a lifestyle that is conducive to my spending just about all day with him. At the very least he gets let out every couple of hours.


I don't think it's a sad state of affairs at all! Heck, I'm a smart, attractive, educated woman who could have my pick of just about any guy I wanted... And after my recent split with my boyfriend of almost three years, I'm opting for a dog... For at LEAST several months.

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Another idea is to get 2 dogs. They tend to keep each other company that way. If you are going through a tough time, a dog won't fix your problems but it can be very theraputic in the long run. They say pet owners tend to be happier than people who don't have pets. It gives you a sense of purpose and a companion who will always be faithful and loyal. However, if you don't have the time or patience to look after a dog, then I don't recommend it. It's 10+ years commitment.

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when i'm balanced emotionally maybe then...


That's a very mature decision, and I wish more people would give as much thought to this as you have. I read that less than 20% of pets remain in the first home that adopted them. People act like animals are disposable, it's really upsetting. So, I think it's wonderful that you are actually giving this serious, measured thought before making a lifetime (hopefully) commitment.

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