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Falling for my new girl, should i tell her?

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I have been dating this girl for nearly 3 months now. We are getting on so well, and havn't argued once. I met here through my best friends girl firend. She is best friends with her, they are very very close. The first problem is that 2 weeks ago her best mate and my best mate split from a 5year relationship. I got worried and thought it could have an effect on us, though i dont think it has. Since then we still get on really well. she works very hard. 6 days a week, She also lives some distance away from me. We get to see each other at least once a week. but im worried that this could affect us if we wanted things to get more seroius. I cant drive so this makes thing harder. Im also started to get stronger feelings for her, i sent her a txt telling her she ment alot to me. I had a good reply but i dont want to tell her the true side of my feelings incase this scares her away. I dont want to suffocate her, but i would like to see more of her. MAybe i should get my licence and wait till then to start seeing more of her. Do i tell her about my true feelings? tell her i would like to see her more? or keep cool, hangback and wait till i get my licence or for her job to change. She says she may be geeting alot of holiday at the end of the year, or a new job as she wants her weekends back.

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If she's been dating you for three months, things are looking pretty good for you. I would think it unlikely that your friend's recent breakup would be enough to impact yours.


I hesitate to tell you to go for it. If she runs away, you'll be like "thanks MartyMan, ya jerk" All I can tell you is that I've never regretted telling a girl about my true feelings. Especially since you're dating her, I think your odds are good. Knowing how you feel about her could make her more comfortable having those same feelings (if she doesn't already).


good luck

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I didnt tell her, i was afraid she would run... maybe i should, but we have now split, she says that it is her work.


She is too streesed at the moment, and a relationship is something she cannot do. God, im heart broken. How could i feel this bad when i have only known her for four months? She said when things have sorted themselves out, then maybe we can try again. I dont know wot to do, its killed me. Should i stay friends and keep contact, or forget about her forever, she is the first person who i really connected with. I think she really does care, she kept stressing it, that we did work, but with her current situation and her working six days a week, ontop of her maybe having to move into a new house soon, (as the current one she lives in is on the market) she may have to move at any time, plus she said "the stress and strains was making her a different person". Im just angry that for once things where working out, and life the bitch that it is, comes and stings me in the arse! still, maybe there is hope.......

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