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Guy I used to date

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hanging around again!!!


Mostly I started flirting with him again, just to get an ego boost. And it worked. Mostly our relationship now is physical, which isnt a bad thing in some ways. But I have always had feelings for this guy. So I think I am going to back off..


What makes it worse is, this is the guy I cheated on my now ex boyfriend with. (Which I know was a mistake, and I feel horrible about).


But me making my mistake, made me realize, maybe my ex wasnt what I needed. And we parted as friends


Now as for this other guy goes, he is a little older. And as far as the way as he treated me. It was half and half. But he apologized for any wrong doing, and so did I.


There really isnt a point to this thread, more of just getting my feelings out. Thanks for reading.

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Batya33 is right. Drama bring attention and attention is what you want. This is how you validates yourself. There "is" a point to this thread and maybe you may want to reevaluate your place in life and acknowledge that there are others in the world that you leave an impression on. So, what do you want people to think of you?

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