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Should I throw in the towel?


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Hey, well this is a complicated situation and Im sorry its so complicated. Theres this girl and we've stayed friends for the most part 3 years and good friends at that. There seems to have been a little attraction here and there but for the most part was platonic. Well I hadnt talked to her a whole heck of a lot in a week or two and I noticed I was in her myspace top friends (never had been, im kind of new to the whole myspace thing and she has over 500 friends). Well thursday and friday at school she acted kind of odd around me (atleast I thought so).



So Friday I texted her about some of us going to the theater tomorrow (Saturday). She said that she would like to go but that she may be going out of town. Im going to use some fake names for secrecy. That night she logged onto aim and we were talking and she asked who all was going. I told her some people and Sarah was going and the girl doesnt care much for her, basically Sarah only pretends to be her friend or so she thinks. I told her that if she wanted we could sit away from the group and that we could work around it and that Id much rather go with her than Sarah. (Footnote Sarah has a crush on one of my best friends) Well the girl told me that she really appreciated it and that she'd probaly go. And then told me that she had been invited to a wedding by Kasandra and that she'd be going with Kasandra, Kasandra's bf and this guy who Kasandra is trying to hook her up with. She told that she would probaly go in part because she was sick of chasing after guys that didnt care about her.



So Saturday Im feeling good and excited then all goes wrong. My friends who were going to the theater said they couldnt go. So I text the girl about it and said that as of now she was going. About 2 hours later she logged on to aim and I explained about them all cancelling. But that I was still interested in going if she wanted to. Well she said that she didnt know, that she had a sinus infection and was really tired. I talked to her a little and told her that it was up to her and do what she wants. She said that she was gona stay home and that she feels bad because she feels that she is always blowing me off (She did once on account of sickness and maybe another time I cant really remember). Then she said that maybe we could go another time maybe tomorrow if she was feeling ok. She then thanked me for being so understanding. And explained too that she wasnt blowing me off that she isnt going to the wedding or with her parents to eat.


I then offered to run her a movie or two because I figured she'd bored and I live close to her and honestly I just wanted to see her. She told me I was the coolest and that if she got bored she'd text me. So that was it. I went to my little sister's beauty pagaent. And today I texted her and well she didnt reply.



So I guess im left wondering if I should invite her to anything again or not. I mean I dont know if she wants to go or if she feels obligated to go or what. I mean I really really like her. In all honesty Im probaly subpar to her. This girl is amazing, and beautiful, I mean she is it. Not just in my eyes but the whole schools and else where. So I have a lot of compettition. I guess I just dont know, I want to ask her if she is interested in anything more than a platonic relationship but I have no idea. Im afraid to ruin the friendship but at the same time Im losing out on time and its an emotional drain. And of course the other question on my mind is wether or not the illness was genuine. Anyhow Ive wasted your time long enough. Thanks for reading and any advice you may give.



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Mmmm,sorry but I don't like the fact she has opted out of activities that you guys had planned ,for whatever reason.If she was highly interested in you I think she would be following through with those plans.Sounds like she might be kind of using you as a backup ,if her other activites fall through.I might ask her out a few more times but if she keeps coming up with exuses I would simply move on.

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Hey guys, thanks a lot for your feedback. I found out today that she was actually sick. And that she didnt really do anything. And that she didnt get my text message, she had gone over to another state to see her grandmother (I know that sounds like a lie but i know its the truth.) Anyhow thanks

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