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Question about Yahoo Personals


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I have a question and a somewhat sad/funny story to go with it about Yahoo! Personals.


If somebody chooses to block you, does it show up as their profile has been deleted, or does it tell you that person doesn't want you to contact them?


Basically in the past three weeks I have two had girls contact me on Yahoo, we've started talking and gone out for coffee with each of them. The dates went well, not that we fell in love at first site or anything, but it also wasn't akward or anything. Within *hours* of our date, their profiles on Yahoo were deleted.


I can understand if they don't want to continue dating me, but I really don't think our dates went so bad I've scared them off of internet dating completely. I also can't believe that our dates went so amazingly well that they've decided to stop looking for other guys and that I'm the one or something.


Out of curiosity I signed in on a different Yahoo account that hadn't been set up for Personals and I can't find them, so unless it logs IP's and blocks those as well or something, it looks like they actually deleted their profiles.


I might give the one I thought was pretty cool a call later this week to see if she wants to hang out...worst case she ignores my call or says no or something.

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You can in fact block a user, but only if that user has sent you a message of some sort.


Anyways, like I said, it appears that the girls have actually deleted their profiles. It seems like in some threads on this site, that's a sign of saying that they'd like to pursue you and don't need the site to shop around anymore, but it could also mean that they don't want to be contacted anymore, heh.


Like I said before, I'll call the one I like in two days or so and see if she wants to do something this weekend. If she says yes, then cool, I guess she digs me. If she ignores the call, then oh well.

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