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Am I being to sensitive


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So like 3 days ago I went and got my nails done and my eyebrows waxed and was gonna get my hair dyed and me and my boyfriend pulled up to the front of the hair shop and he said what you going in there for and I said I need to get my hair dye and he had a crazy look on his face so I jokingly said well what you want me to stay looking like crap and he said going in there aint gonna change that!

And the world just stoped because I mean I have fallen of my taking care of myself routine and I was trying to get back on, but it killed me because my selfesteem is a little shot right now and I am so used to being the apple of his eye that when he said that to me it just killed me, so we just walk around the house like we dont know each other he tried to appologize but I cant accept that because in some way I think he really feels I look like crap.

So am I just being a dramatic chic or what?

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It's not really a question of being too sensitive but of deciding to accept his apology and move on. You have the right to be upset - but if you want the relationship to continue you would be wise to get past it.

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People put theit feet in their mouths all the time

Take it as what it was, a joke that he didnt think about...

Just be carefull, you will have to work on your insecurites a bit beucase I know there is nothing quite as tedious as going out with someone that you have to tip-toe around all the time, someone you cant joke around with.

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Sometimes people can make really bad jokes.


If he makes a HABIT out of it (knowing it hurts you) then I don't think you should have to put up with it.


However, if it was a one-time thing, he apologized...and his actions speak louder than words (i.e. he does not do the same thing again) then I think it's safe to just forgive & forget.




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