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for those who don't know my situation already, i've been dealin with this girl who I really like, she makes me feel amazing, she makes me feel loved and above all...wanted. One problem, shes gotta b/f...lol....i know it sounds retarded but listen, we're still messin around, more often then ever, we talk everyday, either in person or on the phone, but anyway, we've seemed to have gotten alot closer, shes expressing alot more feelings towards me, and to be honest, i feel great, but the problem is, i've gotten in too deep with her and her friends, including her b/f he now knows, but can't prove it, and as well as some of the people i work with, i mean come on, you don't have to be real smart to figure it out, she passes by my work almost everyday during break, we take a walk, mess around, then i come back and go to work, so it's quite obvious, i never really trusted her when she said that she really wanted me and cared for me and all that other stuff, because it sounded to good to be true,but recently i'm starting to believe it, the only reason i never got out of it was because i think we share something that most people don't. I know it sounds wrong but i can't help it, now i don't know what to do about everyone practically knowing, eventually this is gonna come out into the open and things are gonna get rough, what should i do, i don't wanna leave her but i can't keep living a lie, what do you thiink about this whole situation?

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Simply Complicated...


First off let me just say that whenever I read your responses I'm usually impressed by the quality of them. However this comes to me as a little shock because I know you already know that this is not the right thing to do. This young lady is already involved and while i'm sure the passion you have for her is burning stronger then the flames of a volcano., you have to be really cautious of two things...the back lash of this (what goes around...ya know) and your feelings. Most of the time there are three people who get really hurt during this process but one person in particular will probably get hurt more than anyone and that is you. Usually the person having the affair will stick with the person they cheated on. Especially a woman. Married men rarely leave there wives for a woman they are sleeping with on the side...and Woman rarely leave the man they are sneaking around on.


Obviously he provides her with somthing if she is staying with him and messing with you. I'm not saying that her feelings for you arent real...i'm just saying that you need to be realistic here and try to read between the lines. Its very possible that you may get hurt in this..


Oh yes and I forgot to mention this one very important thing......a lot of woman dont tell you that there boyfriend may be a complete psyco...some men will get physical with you over what they claim as being there woman...so please be careful on this one.

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I really believe we all know what we need to do in the moment and i really mean that.We all know what we are worth and what we fell we deserve.What i might have put up with last year i neccessacirily wouldnt now.I don't like the notion of being played and i dont like players.It's just not kool,some ppl like the drama of their life and it is up to us to decide if their drama is a drama you want to be part of.


I hope that makes sense.

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is it possible that you were looking for a relationship with no strings, no committment...so that's why you ended up in this situation?


do you want her to leave her boyfriend?

do you want a serious relationship with her?

how about her...what does she really want?


think about this...if she is cheating on him, she will cheat on you too...she has already learned that she can have her cake and eat it too!

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