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Unfortunately, love is something that does not fade and disappear in my opinion. People choose to believe that love is somehow a fancy and in depth word for "I like you very much," but then once the facade of the relationship disappears, they think they are no longer in love. It is my theory that people who "fall out of love" with their significant other never really loved that person to begin with. They may have been infatuated, cared a great deal about the other person, but was never in love. Maybe I'm an idealist and romantic, but I believe there is only one kind of true love, and that love is the love that comes with spending a lifetime together.

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Did he ever love you and just "fell out of love"? Or has he never had those feelings for you?


I believe that if two people are really in love, even though many things can cause those feelings to change or "appear" to change, but if it was once there it can be again providing both people want it to be. It would depend on why the feelings "changed" in the first place.


However, if the feelings were never there to begin with then I agree with the previous posters and you should move on.

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I believe also that if there was love there, then it will be there always..


By that i mean, yeah overtime it gets easier being without this person, but if you were ever to see them again, feelings of love will come flooding back, these feelings will grow if you were to spend more time with one another.

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Unfortunately of fortunately which ever way you look at it, because of the children I see him quite often and to tell you the truth I fancy him more every time I see him. He has just started to open up to me since he left and he has now said for two consecutive days that we dont know what is round the corner and he thinks he might be going through a mid life crisis and just needs some space and time.

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yes, i agree. were 'skr*wed' if they say they dont love us. thats like IT. but i also believe that people may say that, if theyre confused - keep telling themself that - and try to make themself believe that they dont love us, even if they do. so i think its true, its time and patience. love if there was any, wont go away. they will have to realise it on their own.


but we cannot wait for them to realise that. we have to move on, and believe its over. no hope is better than false hope. no news is better than bad news. and so on.


if love is there - it will come back. if not, it never was real. simple fact.



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