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My Co-worker is a hottie!


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At my place of employment, there is a lady who i work with who is very... how do you say... easy on the eyes. (in my opinion, and other workers, she is gorgeous) She is very nice to everyone, laughs all the time, and is just very pleasant to be around. I know it will never happen, since i am 18 and she is in her early 30's. She is married as well. Ive complimented her on her hair before, we were the only 2 on the room, and her face got kinda red. I was wondering what i could do/say to tell her i like her. I know i will never get anywhere with it, but was wondering what some playful things i could say to her. Thanks.

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Don't go there! this very pleasant attractive lady has a hubbie at home. Probably one who worships the ground she walks on too.


Why would you want to be flirting with a married woman? That's not cool.. especially in the workplace.


have you ever heard of the word "sexual harassment" either? this could well be construed as such, if you are going to start to get flirty with her.


Besides, suppose her husband gets wind of this. There could be some really bad scenarios.. Again, my advice would be.. find someone unmarried to flirt with.. not your married co-worker.

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I agree.


You are looking for someone to practice your young blooming flirting skills on.


Be a man and flirt with someone where it is real.

Not a married woman who already knows she is the cats meow - and who is probably going to have her hands full dealing with a bunch of guys at work already!


It would be a bad step in the early stages of your 'career' in learning how to relate to women you are attracted to.


tee hee. Now go find someone appropriate tiger!

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Not quite. There is flirting, with the intention of finding someone, and then there is safe flirting, which is completely different.


Safe flirting is more than a friendship, but in NEVER crosses that line! It should be totally comfortable to both people, rarely uses inappropriate language unless both people are comfortable and it is light-hearted and fun.


Did you see the start of the second sentence....totally comfortable to BOTH people. You crossed that line a bit. While she might be shy, hence the flush, she isn't ready for any kind of even remotely sexual or physical compliment.


You need to step back and just talk...thats all, talk. You don't seem to know her well enough to know the boundries that she doesn't want crossed. Given time you will, and she will learn yours. I for instance have no problems with the ladies at my job. I know their limits and they know I'm safe. They always come in for hugs and kisses on the head, and the dirty jokes we tell! Once you know this lady's limits, then you can do some safe flirting that can liven up the workplace drudgery. But until she is totally comfortable with you and your comments, keep them to yourself ok?

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Again.. .like i say... S.H. (sexual harassment) is a thing that is alive and well in the workplace.. and don't think women aren't likey to say they've been S.H. if they are made to feel uncomfortable enough.

I would NOT be telling dirty jokes to your married co-worker!

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I disagree. Flirting of any kind with a married woman is simply wrong. There's joking around, but then there's flirting. Flirting, in my book, is for those that seek to become romantic, or have a sexual attraction of some sort to each other. I don't agree there's such thing as friendly flirting. I look at that as an oxymoron.


You need to picture yourself in this womans' husbands shoes; would you like if it someone was flirting with your wife, knowing she's married to you? I'd bet you'd be kind of ticked off at someone disrespecting you, and your wife, like that.


So, stay away. Go look for a girl your age, who's not romantically involved.

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the problem is that it is very subjective. What one person considers harmless flirting, another person can consider harassement. it really depends on the person and their viewpoints. Depending on where you work and how strict your work environment is, you may not want to cross that line. I sometimes make flirty comments to my male coworkers just jokingly knowing they won't take it the wrong way. But for those guys who are more straight laced, I wouldn't say that to them.... (And I'm sure that at times, I must have offended a guy or two by what I thought was harmless flirting and maybe I made them feel uncomfortable....)

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You need to picture yourself in this womans' husbands shoes; would you like if it someone was flirting with your wife, knowing she's married to you? I'd bet you'd be kind of ticked off at someone disrespecting you, and your wife, like that.



I'd be like wow, my wife is hot!!


And just in case you were wondering, no, Northalius I would never disrespect anybody. I wasnt hoping for her to leave her husband for me. I was not acting like she was my age and trying to get some from her, I just trying to be nice. Calm down.


Locke2121, Thank you for your advice. You seem to be on my page and can actually "gauge" my "seriousness" level. She actually is really fun to be around, we laugh and joke all the time. We are both comfortable. Its friendly flirting thats all. Thanks again.

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Then hold yourself at your current level...you've found her comfort zone. She seems to not like any comments about looks and so forth. Perfectly alright, it can be way too personal for some people. If she was single, then she might feel differently, but you need to hold everything at its current level...no more physical comments and certainly nothing sexual!

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whoa whoa whao. i read like 2 lines of this and said NO. she is a coworker. not good job security to start a relationship in house. also, she is married. no go. rule number one for me. married, no thanks. 2nd, coworker, no thanks. 3rd, kids no thanks. you almost hit 3 of my strikes with this one.

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